Safe Online Computer Games for Kids

Safe Online Computer Games for Kids

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of resources that are aimed towards children on the internet. While children that are exposed to technology early in life have an advantage that many of their parents never had as children, naturally this brings safety concerns for parents. Parental involvement and monitoring are a necessity when children are granted access to the vast amount of information on the internet, but there are many websites that are designed with children in mind that can ease concerns that parents may have. Whether children are interested in classic board games or jigsaw puzzles, it’s a guarantee that there is a children’s website that will allow them to safely play online. Many of these websites also incorporate learning into their games so that children are having fun as they learn about geography, typing with accuracy or even simple mathematics. Children of all ages enjoy using technology and by using safe, entertaining resources, even something as small as clicking a computer mouse will become a great learning experience.

Board Games

Traditional Board Games Kids Love

Some School Games provides a wide array of traditional board games including classics such as checkers, backgammon and battleship.

Classic Board Games Online

Games such as chess, dominoes and Connect 4 are given new life on Kids Math Games Online.

Games Games will have children singing their own rendition of the ever popular “b-i-n-g-o” song with their variety of Bingo games.

Cool Math Games: Games from Chinese Checkers to Tic Tac Toe

Kids will love that they no longer need a playmate to play games such as Chinese checkers and Tic Tac Toe, as they can play these classic games against a computer on Cool Math Games.

Knowledge Adventure Arcade & Board Games

From classic board games to arcade favorites, this website has it all.


Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Jigsaw puzzles for young kids without the risk of missing puzzle pieces can be found at the kidz page.

Kid’s Puzzles

Kid’s artistic games and puzzles for children ages three to ten.

Sprout Online Puzzle Games

Sprout Online provides various puzzle games for young children from toddler to preschool ages.

Online Puzzles for Kids

A wide variety of jigsaw puzzles for children are offered at this website.

Card Games

Go Fish Card Game

Go Fish is a hugely popular game amongst young elementary school aged children and now it can be played online.

Discovery Kids Pet Solitaire

A slight twist on the traditional solitaire card game, Discovery makes the game even more fun for kids by adding pictures of pets into the mix.

Kid Friendly Card Games

Shockwave offers card game favorites that are aimed towards kids of all ages.

Racing Games

Arcademics Brain Power Race

Arcademics offers racing games for older children that require them to use their brain power to power their vehicles throughout the race.

Addicting Games: Car & Racing Games

Addicting Games has a huge variety of games in all categories but is sure to win over race car fans of any age with their featured racing games.

Strategy Games

Kids’ Game House

Kids‘ Game House teaches older children to truly think about the decisions they make while they play one of many strategic games.

From matching to search and find games, the games at Squigly’s Playhouse will keep older elementary students on their toes.

Soft Schools: Brain Games

The strategy game category at Soft Schools is a sure way to begin to exercise the memories of young children.

Memory Games

This resource provides various memory games for children ages two and up.

Sports Games

Primary Games: Sports Games for Sports Fans

Whether your child is a fan of ice hockey, basketball or skateboarding, they are sure to find a sport’s related game that appeals to them at Primary Games.

MiniClip Sports

Sports games for every young sports fan can be found easily through this resource.

ESPN Sports for Kids

Baseball, fishing and golf no longer have to be saved for good weather! Realistic sports games are readily available for older elementary and middle school aged students through ESPN.

All Star Sports Games

All Star Sports Games includes many sports games for kids of all ages and a few of them even allow for two players to take part in the fun.

Educational Games

Kid’s Typing Games

This website is a great resource for beginners as well as kids that have mastered the art of typing but wish to practice to improve speed and accuracy. There are various typing games available that ensure that children will learn and enjoy the experience.

National Geographic’s Kids Games

National Geographic Kids features multiple online quizzes to help kids of the older elementary age study and test their geographical knowledge.

Kids Geography Games

Kids Geo is dedicated to teaching kids in first through eighth grades about the Earth and geography in a manner that keeps them interested.

Kids Spell Games

Kids Spell is a resource used to help children of all reading levels learn to spell through the act of playing games.

Spelling City Spelling Games

Spelling City not only offers games that teach children of all ages about spelling, but also provides a large amount of helpful information about other areas of the English language.

Cool Math Games

Math is often a difficult academic area for both children and adults. Cool Math aims to improve understanding of mathematics by providing games and lessons to everyone, young or old.

PBS Kids Learning Games

PBS kids aims to educate children in various academic fields with games that teach them about everything from music to mathematics.

Turtle Diary Games

Children from toddler ages all the way up to fifth grade will benefit from the educational games in every subject featured on turtle diary.

LeapFrog Creative Play

Leap Frog takes a unique approach to educational games with their creative play and self-expression story writing games.

Prongo: Games for Ages 3-12

Prongo is an educational resource for children ages three to twelve that teaches children about academic topics such as the solar system and mathematics.

ICivics: Governmental Learning

ICivics teaches children of elementary and middle school ages about the United States Government through quizzes and games.

Jumpstart Adventure Learning

Jumpstart is designed for young children; it is an adventure-based learning resource that covers mathematical and artistic topics.

Earobics: Learning Made Entertaining

Earobics approaches learning in a way that is sure to be memorable for kids. The website’s games cover concepts such as poetry and synonyms.

Sheppard Software Academic Games

Sheppard Software has games for virtually every academic topic for everyone from preschool to adulthood.

Mr. NussBaum: Educational Games Created by an Educator

Mr. Nussbaum is a website that features over one hundred educational games that were created by a teacher for children in grades ranging from pre-k to sixth grade.

Sesame Street Learning Games

Sesame Street learning games are available on the Sesame Street website for young, preschool aged children.

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May 20th, 2015