Internet Abuse at the Office, Monitor Staff Internet Usage

Have you ever lost profits or confidential information due to Internet abuse? Do you have reasonable suspicion that some of your employees fail in their duties? Having total control over your local network is a good chance to know whether you are correct or not and eliminate Internet abuse at the office. With feature-rich staff Internet use monitoring software from SoftActivity, you can have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN that will allow you to know what your employees do when they are supposed to work.

As a rule, information is one of the most valuable assets of virtually any business and having sensitive data requires effective protection measures. If your employees have access to sensitive business information that can be misused, from now on you can easily prevent staff Internet abuse and protect your company from fraudulent activity such as intellectual property and trade secrets theft. Our Activity Monitor is a powerful spy software solution designed to help employers monitor their staff Internet use remotely just from a single administrator PC.

Activity Monitor contains hidden keystroke logger for real-time monitoring and continuous tracking of user activities including all keystrokes typed, chat conversations made, applications run, emails sent and received, etc. In such a way, our advanced staff Internet use monitoring software allows you not only to reveal inappropriate online activities performed within your LAN, but also to know what is going on in your office network.

In addition, when you monitor staff Internet use in real-time, you have an excellent opportunity to keep your employees away from possible abuse. While lacking control over your employee online activity may lead to decreased productivity, data security and liability risks, our staff Internet use monitoring software has proved its efficiency in increasing overall productivity and performance.

Whether you need to control employee Internet access to know how they are using company resources or just would like to stop Internet abuse at the office and increase staff productivity, with Activity Monitor you have unmatched control allowing you to know exactly what your employees do online even if you’re away.

October 26th, 2010