How Employee Monitoring for Call Centers Works

Whether your employees work remotely or in-house, overseeing your call center team can be tricky. And when deadlines and customer service are high priorities, it’s not always easy to know what to do. 

The technology we have available today means that we can work remotely, access information without necessarily needing to be in the office, and can even add to customer satisfaction scores. Onscreen and offscreen distractions can significantly decrease productivity. To avoid this, you’ll need the right tools.

Employee monitoring software offers excellent network infrastructure that links everyone at work, no matter where they are. This ensures safety by managing security measures, increasing productivity for every member, and ensuring the efficiency of every task. Learn how employee monitoring software can help call centers manage their employees to improve teamwork and productivity.

What is Employee Monitoring?  

Employee monitoring has helped businesses with many different aspects: preventing and detecting costly data breaches, boosting employee engagement, and enabling more efficient workflows. 

In recent years, modern employee monitoring tools have shown more significant potential for comprehensive workforce analytics and employee productivity coaching. Using these new technologies can help businesses maximize the performance and engagement of their employees by analyzing their work. The resulting increase in productivity will then lead to greater profitability.

It’s vital to monitor employees to provide them with the appropriate resources required for success. The more information we have, the better decisions we can make. 

This activity data includes application use, time spent on unproductive tasks, and what time of day each employee is most productive. Employee monitoring saves a company time and money because it provides an overview of each employee’s behavior, which inspires increased productivity.

Why You Need Employee Monitoring for Call Centers

Customer service interactions for many businesses take place over the phone or chat. A good customer service experience is crucial to the success of a company. 

SoftActivity’s software empowers your call center with more insights into your employees’ individual and team performance, meaning that you can make informed decisions about where to allocate resources. Our software helps you to manage time better. Without hours of micromanagement, we provide analytics to help improve your employees’ work.

Helps Evaluate Employee Performance and Productivity

To ensure that customer needs are met, it is important to evaluate the performance of call center agents.

Call center managers are not only concerned about agent productivity, they want to know if their employees are handling each customer call thoroughly but also promptly and professionally. Monitoring these metrics can provide feedback and offer actionable insight during an employee coaching session, leading to overall center quality assurance.

Employee monitoring software is a tool that helps call centers to evaluate employee performance and productivity by providing real-time data on how long each call takes, which skill sets an employee has, how often the employee uses these skill sets and the quality of their work.

Increased Security

Depending on the nature of your call center, employees may have access to sensitive information, including customer financial and personal data. While most employees will input this data as intended, some might have more nefarious motives. 

Employee monitoring software can help employers and managers protect this data. 

By monitoring employees through app use tracking, websites visited, and optional keylogging features, employers can see everything an agent does online. 

This means you can protect against insider threats, maintain data security, and company reputation. 

Actionable Insights

As a result of monitoring your employees and analyzing all the data, it is possible to find insights and ensure that your training modules cover them. You can also avoid issues in critical areas by looking for problems as soon as they arise. 

Call center recording and monitoring supplies you with the data to tackle customer complaints and technical problems. The software also monitors agent performance and tracks key pain points.

Features to Look for in Employee Monitoring Software for Call Centers

Not all employee monitoring software is helpful in every call center scenario. You might find it is an excellent way to catch slackers and prevent security risks. It can also help with administrative duties like calculating pay increases, evaluating performance, and even helping minimize employee turnover rates.

Time Tracking and Attendance Monitoring 

One fundamental purpose of monitoring software is to calculate how much time employees spend on tasks. This information can be used in several ways, such as attendance monitoring, productivity tracking, and helping manage employee workflow. A time-tracking feature helps keep employees productive and on task, and with idle time monitoring, you will see if employees are spending their work hours appropriately.

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging captures, logs, and records all the keyboard activity of an employee or user. It can include web browsers, instant messages, emails, programs, and other applications they are using. By monitoring keystrokes, employers can understand their employees’ daily habits and productivity in the workplace.

Remote Desktop Views

Remote desktop views allow you to monitor team members, even remote agents. This means you know they’re devoted to working and are more productive and efficient. The ability to see what is on your employees’ desktops can keep them honest and allow you to see if they are working when and how they say they are.

Website and App Tracking

Companies need to monitor the internet and app usage of their employees. A website and app tracking feature will comprehensively monitor company and employee time spent on programs/websites/apps. This will enable employers a clearer view of what employees are doing and how much time is devoted to tasks. 

Alerts and Notifications of Anomalous Behavior

This feature warns call center management and employers if the user is acting out of the norm or accessing off-limits files. Anomaly detection helps you proactively monitor your network. You can choose to be alerted when employees access parts of the network they shouldn’t or when unknown entities are doing large downloads.

Easy to Navigate Dashboard and Detailed Reporting

Employee monitoring should be relatively simple, and that’s where a comprehensive, accurate dashboard is an excellent feature for any monitoring software. Detailed reporting helps managers and employers see the data across time. It is then easy to pull out any information to share with your staff when they are being evaluated.

Improve Productivity and Stop Time Theft With Employee Monitoring Software

Call and contact center organizations have the distinction of being a company’s voice by dealing with business-to-business and consumer customers. It can be incredibly tough to delight your customers without the insight generated by call center quality monitoring to guide you. In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, using technology to monitor what agents do in your call center can ensure that your center’s quality and customer experience are top-notch. 

SoftActivity’s employee monitoring software helps employers uncover pain points and track center agent performance, productivity, and technical issues that are crucial to the success of your business. SoftActivity Activity Monitor is a robust employee monitoring software that comes with a range of features such as tracking working time, the time spent on projects or tasks, the apps and websites that an employee visits while on the clock, typical employee activity (like user behavior analytics), and time wasted. It also alerts administrators to atypical behavior that can lead to data breaches and security issues.

If you’re ready to invest in employee monitoring software, SoftActivity offers a free seven-day trial. You can also visit our contact page to learn more about how SoftActivity’s employee monitoring software can help you understand how your company spends its time and allocate its resources across projects so you can be successful.

By SoftActivity Team.

November 7th, 2022