TS Monitoring Software, Terminal Server Sessions Recorder

When a business grows and expands to multiple locations, at some point it may be very useful creating Terminal Server environments to allow employees access their files and applications from any location around the Globe. In fact, Windows Terminal Server is a perfect platform for those who need multiple users to access the same system, share applications and data simultaneously via the Internet.

If you decided to use Terminal Servers to set up branch offices and support your tele-workers, then you may be highly interested in tools for Windows Terminal Server monitoring to keep record of your remote user activities. SoftActivity is here to provide you with one of the best TS monitoring software solutions available on the market today – SoftActivity TS Monitor, deigned to monitor remote desktop sessions in real-time.

As an advanced Terminal Server sessions recorder, SoftActivity TS Monitor can also be used for monitoring Windows Remote Desktop sessions, Citrix shared desktop and virtual applications. Actually, it allows business owners and network administrators to manage effectively their Terminal Server environments by providing them with the deepest insight into employee behavior. It captures every single action performed by local and remote users, including websites visited, emails sent and received, IM communications, file access history, keystrokes typed and passwords entered, etc.

By using proprietary IntelliSnap™ technology, our full-featured TS monitoring software can take screenshots either based on user actions or periodically (you can setup capturing time intervals). All reports are stored on premise in PostgreSQL database and can be viewed only by an administrator in SoftActivity web application. Download a free trial of SoftActivity TS Monitor to try it in your servers.

January 31st, 2018