SoftActivity Monitor 12.5 with web console enhancements

SoftActivity is glad to announce the release of new version 12.5 of SoftActivity Monitor, its leading user activity monitoring software that helps teams around the world to improve their employee productivity and protect against insider threats.

This update is recommended to all customers.

What’s new in version 12.5:

  • [web console] added the following info into Attendance (also in PDF export and email reports) to help estimate employee productivity level:
    • daily idle time (when a user is logged-in but inactive);
    • idle percentage;
    • number of typed keystrokes;
    • and average hourly keystrokes rate.
  • [web console] export of Attendance report: select a standard range of dates, such as last 7 days, etc. instead of just two dates.
  • fix: [web console] export of Dashboard to PDF the same number of records as on screen. Previously was always 10.
  • fix: [web console] export of Attendance to CSV had incorrect format of date and time for some records.
  • fix: sometimes it failed to clean up old logs on the server.
  • fix: remote Agent installation via PowerShell script failed.
  • fix: updating Agents sometimes required Windows restart in the end.
  • improved Powershell scripts to install & uninstall Agent remotely. See agent\install-agent-remotely.ps1 and agent\uninstall-agent-remotely.ps1
  • dropped support of Windows Vista for security reasons. Minimum version supported now is Windows 7.
    * if support of Win Vista is needed, we advice to continue using version 12.4
  • numerous other improvements and fixes in web console, desktop app and Agent.

How to update

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March 5th, 2021