Activity Monitor 3.9 released

  • Activity Monitor now records websites visited in all browsers. Previously worked only with IE
  • Minimize to system tray option. Allows you to keep Activity Monitor open for a long time without having its button in task pane
  • Improved: If screenshots from remote systems are copied by schedule, no file-overwrite or file-not-found prompts appear
  • Remote installation of Agent improved. If a non-administrator user is logged on the remote computer, no message is displayed to him and Agent installation succeeds. Monitoring of this user can start right away
  • Improved support of Fast User Switching on Windows XP. If the user has switched to other account Activity Monitor switches to monitoring of this active account
  • Fixed: Sometimes offline screenshots were taken even if computers was not used, creating a lot pictures of screensaver, for example
  • Improved: when Activity Monitor reopens monitoring windows on startup it also restores screen zoom and autorefresh state. Basically, if you were monitoring several computers and then closed Activity Monitor you will continue from same place when you open Activity Monitor next day.
  • New: “Delete log file and start the new one when size limit reached” option in Offline Logging settings
  • New: Actions on multiple computers. Send instant message, restart, shut down, run command, etc. on all selected computers at once.
February 24th, 2006