Activity Monitor 4.2 released

  • new: Activity Monitor keylogger supports most international keyboard layouts now! Our keylogger records, in addition to English keystrokes, any characters in Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and recognizes accented characters in such languages as German, Spanish and Portuguese, for example.
  • new: Keystrokes tab in real time monitoring shows program and window name where text has been typed.
  • new: saving of keystrokes tab in .rtf format with preserved colors and fonts
  • improved: update of large Agents list does not take much CPU and does not freeze Activity Monitor. This allows to work with lists of computers as large as several hundreds.
  • improved: naming of computers in list. Agent name in list renamed into Description. Computer name, host name or IP address is shown in list instead. To view description, switch to Details mode and enable this column. User can change only Description, and not Name.
  • new: “Don’t resolve host names to IP addresses” setting in Activity Monitor Options. Allows to turn off resolving for the network setups where it resolves incorrectly. For example, in some types of VPN, all hostnames are resolved to the same IP address according to user reports
  • new: Quick Start tutorial has been included. Opens when Activity Monitor is started first time
  • new: support of different international encodings in emails. Activity Monitor will correctly display emails that use any international encoding
  • fixed: computers sometimes duplicated in list
  • fixed: Enter Agent Password command is not available for the remote computers in offline state
  • improved: scheduled collection of logs. Download windows do not pop up if Activity Monitor is minimized
  • fixed: users list in Log Viewer was empty in some cases
  • fixed: work time in applications was recorded incorrectly after system time change
  • improved: shows when active program opens new window or window caption changes. For example, it now records when programs open “Save As…”, “Enter Password” window or web browser’s title changes for different websites
  • fixed: Log Viewer correctly shows activity for users/computer with names containing non-English characters
September 28th, 2007