Case Studies: Computer Monitoring Streamlines Business Operations

We can talk about how computer monitoring helps companies stay lean and profitable until we’re blue in the face – but we’d much rather that you hear it straight from our happy customers who can say it for us.

We’re grateful to a number of our clients for sharing their stories of how computer monitoring is working for them in our new case studies:

A-Legal Copy & Record Services provides a full range of legal support services. Facing what seemed like an increasing productivity gap, they needed a way to measure the problem and take action. They got Activity Monitor for their office computers and soon they were laying down the law to certain wayward employees – decreasing payroll costs by 20 percent while growing the company, according to A-Legal Owner J.S.:

“In certain departments, we saw that there were a lot of hours being wasted. We realized we could get by with fewer employees; now we’ve got 4 people doing the work it used to take 5 employees to do. Thanks to careful management of HR, we’ve grown from 8 employees to 15. This software has paid for itself many times over!”

A-Legal has been using Activity Monitor for over 10 years now and is continuing to reap the reward of increased productivity.

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Amiee Lynn Inc. is a well-known fashion accessories brand in the USA and has seen impressive growth over the years. However, productivity at their office hasn’t always kept pace with the growth of their payroll costs. As they grew up to 200 employees, they needed a way to monitor their workers – and uncover a growing trend of time-wasting activities online:

“From the first minute we installed Active Monitor, we cut out half the time I was spending monitoring people manually,” says company CTO, Jon DeVito. “We added one other software tool and works well with Active Monitor and that chopped out another 45 percent. Now I can spend my time on company priorities rather than worrying what employees are doing.”

Computer monitoring doesn’t just catch employees in the act; the trick is to be totally transparent and let workers know they’re being monitored. When they know, they don’t spend their time on wasteful activities. For a relatively tiny investment in technology, you are ensuring that your payroll – every company’s biggest expense – is fully optimized.

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May 29th, 2015