SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.0 released

  • new: view screenshots together with all reports on new Screenshots Timeline:
    • new: select a program and view all screenshots for this program
    • new: select a visited website and view history of screenshots for this website
    • new: view screenshots as you navigate through history of used programs, emails, chats, etc.
    • new: double click a screenshot thumbnail in the bottom panel to view it full size
    • new: zoom in/ zoom out screenshots, view them as slide show
    • new: recommended setting is to take screenshots from active window only instead of full desktop. It is now default
  • new: Licensing is now for concurrent user sessions instead of named users. For example, 6 users license allows recording of up to 6 any users simultaneously logged to a terminal server. For your existing license this means you can monitor more users than before
  • new: Select users and/or groups to monitor. Selecting a Group or All Users option allows monitoring of user accounts created in future or not known by administrator at time of setup
  • new: Exclude users and/or groups from monitoring, such as managers and administrators
  • new: Recording file operations on all drives: local, network, removable. Select monitored folders and change other settings on Files tab. By default, records removable drives and user’s Documents folder. Previously recorded only USB drives
  • improved: Recognizes external hard drives as removable and records file operations on such drives
  • new: export File operations report to Excel
  • new: improved and more reliable keystrokes recording algorithm, especially on 64-bit Windows editions
  • new: database can be stored on a network shared folder on another server. To allow this grant write NTFS permissions to COMPUTER$ account for the shared folder. Only supported in domain. This allows storing databases from multiple servers in a single location
  • improved: support of more than 65K rows for export to Excel 2007 or newer
  • lots of other improvements and fixes
June 13th, 2012