SoftActivity Keylogger Software for Windows: The Best Parenting Tool for the Modern Family


You’re a responsible parent. You gave your kid a home PC to give them a proper start in life. Now they can do their homework, make cute cat videos, send Aunt Bertie an eCard for her birthday and maybe – after they’ve done all their homework, just play the occasional computer game.

Then the trouble starts. The teacher tells you little Timmy’s homework is overdue. He sure is spending a lot of time on Facebook. Who are these strangers he’s talking to? Why is the web browser history suspiciously blank?

You trust your kid, but you’re in charge – and SoftActivity Keylogger software is going to help you do your job as a responsible parent.

SoftActivity Keylogger software lets you:

  • Get emailed reports about what’s happening on your home PC. Check in on your child’s computer activity from the office or while you’re traveling.
  • View activity with total invisibility. Our software doesn’t slow down their computer. They know you’re watching (if you choose to inform the users), but don’t know when – encouraging them to stay on their best behavior.
  • Track websites they visit. Your kid may be smart enough to delete their browser history if they’re going to websites they shouldn’t visit. Now you can see it in a recorded log.
  • Record e-mails and IM chats. Know if online predators or cyber-bullies are threatening your child.
  • Record screenshots and generate reports. Don’t have the time to check in when you’d like? Use SoftActivity Keylogger to monitor your child while you’re busy.
  • And much more!

You must be the owner or authorized user of the computer with administrator access to install the SoftActivity Keylogger software. This Windows PC monitoring software cannot be installed remotely without physical access to the computer.

It is recommended to create separate standard (non-Administrator) accounts in Windows for your children / monitored users.

Current version : 8.3 (changes) |

PRICE: $49.95

| Free trial 3 days

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32- and 64-bit editions). System requirements

Log every user action

Our keylogger software logs used applications, work duration, keystrokes, passwords, Internet surfing history – SoftActivity Keylogger software tracks and records everything for your reference.

Internet usage monitoring: get complete history of visited websites with screenshots of every page and time spent on every website.

View your child’s social networking, such as Facebook, Google Plus, etc. as series of screenshots

View Email sent and received

View their webmail, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Hotmail and all others as a series of screenshots. Select a webmail URL in the Top Websites tab to view screenshots.

View their email in desktop email client programs in Top Programs tab by selecting the email client app.

Record IM chat

Record both sides of conversations in Instant Messenger (IM) programs. Our invisible Windows keylogger software records only text chat messages, and not voice communications. Supported chat programs:

  • Skype;
  • AIM (AOL Instant Messenger);
  • View chat in other IM clients, social networking, web forums, and more on series of screenshots by selecting a chat application on the Top Programs tab or a website on Top Websites tab

Screenshots of every action

Screenshots recording with our advanced IntelliSnap™ technology

Takes screen copies based on user actions. Get a snapshot of every web page visited, program run, message sent or received, etc.

View screenshots as a Slideshow, browse one by one, or quickly scroll them in Screenshots Timeline.

Optionally use preset capturing periods for JPEG screenshots.

Monitor your child's Internet use now!

Download SoftActivity Keylogger Software

View typed keystrokes

See keystrokes typed by your child on keyboard, including passwords, in all programs and websites

Our advanced keylogger technology supports characters in all languages including English, Cyrillic, Chinese, and Japanese

Invisible & secure monitoring

Our keylogger software works secretly and invisibly even for computer savvy users:

  • No process in Task Manager, no files can be seen on a hard drive.
  • The configuration utility and reports viewer are password-protected.
  • The log file is securely encrypted. Set a strong password for ultimate protection. This log file cannot be viewed or tampered with without knowing the password.
  • Not reported as a threat by most antivirus products. If detected, it’s easy to add an exclusion in the antivirus

Receive reports by email

Our Windows PC monitoring and parental control software can secretly send log files to you by email when computer is connected to the Internet. Install SoftActivity Reports Viewer on your other computer to view reports received by email

Supports secure SMTP server connection using SSL

The log file is emailed encrypted so nobody can view it except you. Warning: set a password in SoftActivity Keylogger to enable log file encryption!

Take into account that screenshots are not sent by email due to their large volume. You can view screenshots only locally on your child’s monitored PC

View accessed files

Record files accessed by your child:

  • Removable drives: files copied to/from flash thumb drives, external HDD, all types of USB drives;
  • Local and network drives: documents they open and save, files downloaded from the Internet, viewed pictures and much more;
  • View all file operations, such as read, write, delete, move;

Protect your kids from online threats!

Silently record their online Chats, Instant Messages and Facebook

Advanced reporting

View all recorded information conveniently in SoftActivity Reports with an easy to use tabbed interface.

Top Programs report shows a list of most popular applications with total usage time and number of times used.

Top Websites report shows most visited websites and time spent on each of them.

View all programs used, keystrokes typed, log in/log out times and more.

Screenshots Timeline allows to quickly scroll through and view series of snapshot images for a chosen website, application or any action

Full compatibility

SoftActivity Keylogger software works perfectly on all modern versions of Windows OS and traces all Windows applications.

It does not conflict with other software.

Keylogger supports all international characters: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

It works in emails, chats, keystrokes and everywhere else.

Compatible with antivirus products. Easy to exclude from scans if needed

Record all typed keystrokes and more

Download SoftActivity Keylogger now!