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Computer Monitoring Software, Spy Software, Keylogger

Our company offers the complete set of spy software to provide total control over your computer and local network.

With Activity Monitor, SoftActivity™ TS Monitor and SoftActivity™ Keylogger you can have your hand always on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN. These unique keyloggers allow remote computer monitoring and keystroke recording in real-time. The outstanding built-in logger allows you to know everything user types in his emails, chats and other programs, including passwords. View and record computer activity, trace all programs started and run by your network members.

Here are several popular ideas of how to use our spy software:

  • Employee activity monitoring. Find out what they are doing when they are assumed to be working
  • Control over students during the academic hours. Easily track their activity with our keylogger, so they will use network for the educational purposes only
  • Parental control. Our powerful computer monitoring software will alert you when your child is into something suspicious

Our keylogger software works out the entire issue with immense efficiency. Full statistics, detailed reports, real-time computer monitoring. A completely invisible keystroke recorder to track and record everything happening within the entire network.


Activity Monitor

Computer Monitoring Software for LAN.

Version 8.8 (new) Now supports Windows 8.1! [download now]

Monitoring software excellent for your business!

  • Complete monitoring of the network from one PC. Get real-time and accurate detailed stats of what your employees or students do. Unprecedented control. Complete invisibility. Superb tracking.
  • Monitor all computers in LAN remotely from a single administrator's PC using our spy software. Keep an eye on your employees or students. Do they play games or surf the Internet when expected to work? What do they write in their emails an IM from the workplace?
  • Keystroke logger for real-time monitoring and continuous tracking of user activities on network connected computers. Remotely and in real-time you get: screens of the remote computers, keystrokes typed, websites visited, applications used, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, etc. You are able to record all activity to the central log database and do much more with this powerful and easy-to-use computer monitoring software.
  • All recordings are stored in a central location on the main computer. View logs and export reports to HTML or MS Excel for advanced analysis. Have full computer usage statistics.
SoftActivity TS Monitor

Terminal Server Monitoring and sessions recording.

Version 3.6 (new) Now supports Windows Server® 2012 R2 [download now]

Windows Terminal Server monitoring software

  • The comprehensive solution that allows administrators to monitor user activity in Windows Terminal Server sessions. Records every action performed by local and remote users.
  • Captures screenshots either periodically or based on user actions using proprietary IntelliSnap technology. Administrator later can replay a slideshow of user actions.

  • This spy software logs all applications used, emails sent and received and both sides of IM conversations. Administrator can review Internet history even if a user has been browsing in a private mode and cleared browser history. Reports show exactly when users logged on and off the server. It also includes a keylogger module that records every keystroke typed in any application.
  • It's a completely secure computer and internet monitoring solution, hidden from users monitored. Recordings are strongly encrypted and password-protected and cannot be seen by unauthorized parties. This spy tool records users connected via Windows Terminal Services or Citrix remote access.


SoftActivity Keylogger

Spy Software & Keylogger for Parental Control.

Version 7.7 (new) Now supports Windows 8.1! [download now]

Protect your child's virtual activity

  • An ideal spy program to ensure you have control you need over your child online activity. A completely invisible to your child and hardly traceable keystroke recorder module will tell you when, how and what they did on the Internet.
  • This keylogger software runs invisibly and records what your employee or child does on the computer. SoftActivity Keylogger is a spy software solution that invisibly creates a log file to track everything: the Internet URLs visited, keystrokes typed, emails, chats and all programs user runs and work duration in every application, not to mention the screenshots saving function, similar to a video surveillance camera. Captured snapshots can be browsed later as a slideshow. Reports can be emailed to you even when you are away.
  • Get various useful and efficient reports on computer usage in the log viewer. Have Internet, email and any other application usage statistics at hand.
  • Our powerful keylogger lets you know how your PC is used while you are away.