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Monitor employees and students on your computer network
  • Problems at the office?
    Employees shopping on eBay or wasting time on Facebook? Doing everything but working? Or worse, stealing company intellectual property?
    You’re putting a stop to it, right now.
  • Monitor employees or students on your network in real time without them knowing.
  • Show them the reports and then take back control.



Monitor employees or students in Windows Terminal Server sessions
  • They thought they could goof off when you’re not looking right at their computer? Well, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
  • Keep an eye on the troublemakers, whether they’re on at their desk in your office or working from home.
  • Secretly record every user action in the TS monitor.
    Then take action like a boss.

Solution for Parents


Monitor your home computer

Protect Your Child from Cyber Bullies, Predators and Their Own Bad Habits
  • Parenting is tough. How can you know if your child spending all their time on social media, playing games or chatting online with strangers – instead of doing their homework?
  • Now you can know for sure. View their computer remotely from your office or when you’re out of town.
  • Be the parent you always knew you could be. Keep them safe, even when you’re not in the room with them.

SoftActivity. Computer Monitoring Software That Works Hard

Tired of the old ‘flinch-and-click’ as you walk by your employee’s desktop? Need proof that Mr. Jones is the disgruntled culprit sending those emails that could spark a lawsuit? Is Facebook your team’s biggest impediment to getting actual work done?

Finally, know for sure whether the people on your computer network are working hard or hardly working, one keystroke at a time.

SoftActivity monitoring solutions let you:

  • View activity of multiple users on one screen.
  • See their emails and IM chats in real time, as they type.
  • Track websites visited, apps used and more.
  • Create reports you can use to improve security
  • And much more!

The people on your network may not like computer monitoring software – but that’s why you need it.

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09Mar 2016

SoftActivity TS Monitor 4.0 released

SoftActivity announces the release of new version 4.0 of its TS Monitor product.  SoftActivity™ TS Monitor is security software used..