Parental Control Software

May 20th, 2015

Would you like to be sure that your child is safe while being online? Are you looking for the best parental control software that will allow you to control children when they are hanging out with their friends online or using the chatting rooms? Child safety software from Deep Software Inc. will help you prevent spending too much time online or getting exposed to inappropriate material. Along with providing the wide range of benefits, interesting materials to read, ability to send email to friends, access useful materials for homework and school projects, Internet is the only source for sites that contain explicit sexual, violent, and hateful information that can be found with little efforts.

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Software for Parental Control

May 20th, 2015

The subject that we want to address is very important to take into consideration. The matter in question is parental control of kids’ internet activity and why most parents don’t use it. It is rather clear that some people may not want to pay money to buy Internet security software to protect their computer from viruses, spyware and hackers. But it is hardy understandable why most parents will not make that little investment in software for parental controls to protect their children from inappropriate content and Internet scammers. Deep Software Inc. is ready to provide you with powerful software for parental controls to get to know more about your children Internet activity.

All good parents love and trust their children but when it comes to a home computer usage, it is simply necessary to use parental control software to ensure that they are not viewing an inappropriate content or communicate with scammers online. At Deep Software Inc. you will find powerful and easy-to-use parental control software to download.

Parental control software allows you to log onto your kids computer remotely just to check up and make sure they aren’t doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. All computer activity is recorded into log file that could be easily sent to your mailbox.

A lot of people are wondering if it is ethical to perform parental controls, but you have to remember that there is no measure top what parents should do to protect their children from all suspicious things on the Internet. If you are a parent who might be concerned about your child’s internet usage and you don’t know a whole lot about computer, software for parental controls from Deep Software Inc. is one of the most effective and easiest ways to ensure that your kids internet experience is a good one.


Parental Computer Control

May 20th, 2015

Children and adults alike are fascinated by the world of the Internet. Unfortunately, children can become exposed to information that is not appropriate for their age or experience. In addition, children can unknowingly disclose sensitive personal information to a “lurker”, revealing credit card numbers or other data without even being aware. Taking into account these potential risks, computer security is vital and Internet parental control software is indispensable for all-ages household. Deep Software Inc. is ready to provide you with powerful parent control software to track all your children Internet activity and protect them effectively.

Children are intrigued by the computers and Internet world as early as age 2. Young children can be easily taught and guided to kid-friendly websites that provide entertainment and education. But when the children are getting older, it becomes more and more challenging to know all their online activities and perform Internet parental control. Here you should seriously think about the acquiring parent control software to accomplish parental computer control surreptitiously.

Remember that by adolescence, children may be engaged in looking at pornography or chatting online with potential criminals. If you want to protect your children from these risks parental computer control is the only solution. Internet parental control software is the perfect way to control your children and be aware of all their activity without being noticed.

Being engaged with your child’s online activity helps to reduce some of the above mentioned risks. Keeping the computer in the living room or just being interested in what they view may be enough to help children resist the temptation of “forbidden” sites. But when you are at work or shopping, you can’t know what your child is being exposed to. Fortunately, there isInternet parental control software from Deep Software Inc. that will help monitor their computer activities and know when, how and what they did on the Internet.


Network Spy Software

May 20th, 2015

The number of children who use the Internet is soaring. Just imagine that currently more than 50 million kids under the age of 16 use the internet for different reasons. Moreover, that represents half of the children who live in the United States. Over the last few years number of people who use the Internet has grown and Internet itself has also changed dramatically. The contemporary World Wide Web is no longer a community of scientists and academics. Today anyone can publish whatever he or she wants on a website and has an instant worldwide audience. That’s why you have to think seriously about your children and family security with the help of our network spy software. Deep Software Inc. is here to provide you with powerfulsoftware to spy on your kids and protect them from Internet dangers.

World Wide Web opens up a world of information, entertainment and social interaction to kids. In addition to that Internet is also a source of very unfriendly information and scammers seeking for new victims. Children unwittingly plug an innocuous word into a search engine and not only does the information they seek pop up, but often, so do porn sites, and sites with topics devoted to weaponry, gambling and drugs. If you want to protect your kids from all this stuff, install remote spy software on your home computer and sleep peacefully.

If you browse through website, you will find the best spy monitoring software you have ever seen. It is very important to install remote spy software on your personal computer and monitor your kids online activity wherever you are. Monitoring your kids’ activity by means of network spy software is much more effective than just watching a child working on the computer. Admit, that you will not all the time stay at home when your children deal with the computer and the Internet, that’s why using software to spy for your kids when you are not at home is simply indispensable.

The World Wide Web, if we consider it an entity, does not know the ages of the people who surf it, inappropriate email does not know the age of its addressee, and it shows up in everyone’s email box affecting you children online security. Download the best spy monitoring software from Deep Software Inc. and have peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Network Monitoring Solutions

May 20th, 2015
Is your business overall productivity falling because of the Internet usage abuse by employees during their working hours? Do you have any idea how to control their Internet and computer usage activity? If that is the case, you probably need effective and quality network monitoring solutions, which make possible to see everything your employees are doing during their working hours. Deep Software Inc. is ready to help you in solving this problem: we offer the best spyware program – Activity Monitor – for the efficient monitoring of your employees computer activity.Activity Monitor is advanced web monitoring software with build-in web watcher key logger that allows you to track inappropriate network computer usage for every your employee in real time. Our best spyware program consists of server and client parts: client program is installed on all computers of the network you need to monitor, and Activity Monitor server is installed on your computer. In such a way you can control all user activity on the local network from your own workstation. Imagine, it doesn’t require any physical presence to monitor your employees, so with our web monitoring software you get control over any networked computers of your company.Moreover, powerful web watcher key logger provides you with the ability to record all activity of employees within the entire network. Their detailed computer usage statistics is stored secretly at the central log database with an opportunity of following deep analysis. At the same time the best spyware program from Deep Software Inc. – Activity Monitor – is rather easy-to-use monitoring tool. Simple instructions will help you install our web monitoring software and build-in web watcher key logger without any hassles and get an immediate access to your employees Internet activity.Our advanced and powerful web monitoring software with web watcher key logger, designed with all necessary features for an effective watching of your employees network activity, will be the best choice for your time management and control.Read More

Monitoring Employee Email

May 20th, 2015
Activity Monitor
Computer Monitoring Software and Key Logger.
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Today you will hardly find a company that has no access to the Internet. And in many of them employees even work in the Internet during the whole day. A temptation to use Internet for personal needs is rather high and this dramatically affects employee overall productivity. That’s why more and more companies practice employee computer monitoring including monitoring of employee email. If you face the same problem and feel that your employees’ productivity is dropping, it’s a time to think about complex employee computer monitoring. is here to provide you with powerful, user-friendly and really effective employee Internet monitoring software that will allow you to control your working staff and make them do their job when they are at work eventually. Our employee Internet monitoring software is a computer spy software or keylogger that allows monitoring employee email remotely as well as any other Internet activity. Employee monitoring computer software surreptitiously records computer activity without getting tracked and trapped. By the use of computer spy software and monitoring employee email software, all of the user’s keystrokes, visited websites, viewed files, stored data.

If your employees are sending their personal emails or tend to browse the Internet for non-work-related information, employee Internet monitoring software is a perfect solution to keep your employees from being idle. Software that we offer allows monitoring of employee emails remotely providing you with opportunity to get hold of the commonly visited websites and to keep track of your employees’ minute-to-minute completion of tasks.

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Monitor PC Activity

May 20th, 2015

All parents should know that their child is a personality and treat him accordingly. Of course this is the right and probably the best way to bring up children, yet parents should remember that children are still innocent and credulous personalities and they can be deceived very easily.

In such a manner, when it goes about children security, it is not only possible, but simply necessary to intrude on your children privacy and monitor their actions. It is clear that first thing parents have to do is to monitor child’s internet activity; but how to monitor kids myspace activity if you are not at home? Deep Software Inc. is ready to provide you with the ideal solution of this problem – our powerful, yet easy-to-use software to monitor PC activity of your children.

In spite of this fact many parents think that if they monitor child’s internet activity, it equals to spying and that such a harsh supervision is not required for their beloved ones. Remember, that even the smartest and the kindest child is still a child and there is always a threat that he/she can make a wrong choice. That’s why it is vitally important to spy monitor internet activity of children as there are many online cheaters that try to gather information about a child in various chat rooms to take hostile actions against him in the real life.

At Deep Software Inc. we perfectly know how to monitor kids myspace and other internet activity of your little beloved one. With the help of our spy monitor internet activity software you can control and secure your children even if you’re not at home. Our Activity Logger will monitor PC activity by creating log files to track the Internet URLs visited, keystrokes typed, emails sent and received, chats and all programs user runs, not to mention the screenshots saving.