SoftActivity TS Monitor 4.0 released

March 9th, 2016

SoftActivity announces the release of new version 4.0 of its TS Monitor product.  SoftActivity™ TS Monitor is security software used by companies and organizations worldwide to record sessions on their terminal servers and monitoring users activity.

What’s new in version 4.0 of SoftActivity TS Monitor:

  • redesigned screenshot stamp with user name and date/time that does not cover window caption:
  • improved screenshots of mouse clicks. Now records whole window instead of just a small rectangle around the click point;
  • improved: Log Viewer does not require Administrator rights anymore. To allow a non-administrator user to view logs on the server, assign Read access permissions for the database folder;
  • improved: clean up empty screenshot folders when cleaning up old log;
  • improved: application files are now digitally signed with SHA256 in addition to SHA1 for improved security;
  • improved accuracy of time tracking for visited websites;
  • support of new Outlook 2016 for email recording;
  • fix: sometimes user licenses where temporary lost (until service restart) in case user sessions were terminated on the server;
  • support of the latest browser versions and Windows Server updates;
  • new: support of Hungarian language in Skype;
  • other improvements and fixes

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SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.6 released

October 8th, 2014
  • fix: Internet history and Outlook email could stop recording on some computers after a random interval of time
  • added support of recent versions of Internet browsers and Skype
  • fix: some user sessions were not recorded on rare occasions
  • minor fixes and improvements

SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.5 released

March 4th, 2014
  • new: improvements of IntelliSnap™ mode for screenshots:
    • record screenshots of mouse clicks
    • record a screenshot of every typed word
  • new: easier update – minimized the chance that restart of the server is needed after updating or uninstalling this software (requires this version to be already installed)
  • new: monitored users now have an ability to move the optional warning window from a default top right corner of the screen
  • minor fixes and improvements

SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.4 released

January 13th, 2014
  • new: support of the latest version of Chrome for Internet recording
  • new: trouble starting the program on some servers
  • minor fixes and improvements

SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.2 released

April 9th, 2013
  • Button to clear the filter by a program or a website on Screenshots tab in Reports Viewer
  • Next/Previous buttons on Screenshots tab in SoftActivity Reports Viewer to navigate screenshots easier
  • Support of 64-bit edition of Outlook for email recording. Added support of Outlook 2013
  • fix: some email messages not recorded
  • fix: error message when monitored users log into Windows Server 64-bit with Oulook installed
  • fix: characters typed with AltGr not recorded (in languages such as Polish)
  • minor improvements and fixed

SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.1 released

October 18th, 2012
  • new: Auto-cleanup of the database and screenshots. Allows to select how many days or months of data you want to keep. Older data will be removed automatically to save hard drive space and improve database performance
  • new: support of Windows Server 2012
  • fix: Dates filter panel disappeared in SoftActivity Reports sometimes when there is an invalid date found in the database
  • fix: file opearations recording is now off by default to improve performance
  • fix: minor improvements and fixes

SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.0 released

June 13th, 2012
  • new: view screenshots together with all reports on new Screenshots Timeline:
    • new: select a program and view all screenshots for this program
    • new: select a visited website and view history of screenshots for this website
    • new: view screenshots as you navigate through history of used programs, emails, chats, etc.
    • new: double click a screenshot thumbnail in the bottom panel to view it full size
    • new: zoom in/ zoom out screenshots, view them as slide show
    • new: recommended setting is to take screenshots from active window only instead of full desktop. It is now default
  • new: Licensing is now for concurrent user sessions instead of named users. For example, 6 users license allows recording of up to 6 any users simultaneously logged to a terminal server. For your existing license this means you can monitor more users than before
  • new: Select users and/or groups to monitor. Selecting a Group or All Users option allows monitoring of user accounts created in future or not known by administrator at time of setup
  • new: Exclude users and/or groups from monitoring, such as managers and administrators
  • new: Recording file operations on all drives: local, network, removable. Select monitored folders and change other settings on Files tab. By default, records removable drives and user’s Documents folder. Previously recorded only USB drives
  • improved: Recognizes external hard drives as removable and records file operations on such drives
  • new: export File operations report to Excel
  • new: improved and more reliable keystrokes recording algorithm, especially on 64-bit Windows editions
  • new: database can be stored on a network shared folder on another server. To allow this grant write NTFS permissions to COMPUTER$ account for the shared folder. Only supported in domain. This allows storing databases from multiple servers in a single location
  • improved: support of more than 65K rows for export to Excel 2007 or newer
  • lots of other improvements and fixes