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Active Log Analyzer - Web Site Traffic and Clickstream Analysis | Web Analytics software

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Active Log Analyzer is an application for analyzing web server log files. This client side web traffic analysis software parses log files and put them into the data warehouse built with MS Access techology. Using this common database format makes it possible for users to create their own reports and to add some external data to the clickstream analysis, like data from order processing system or customer support database. It enables users to create wide range of reports that are outside of the scope of only web site activity. Potentially this web analytics software makes it possible to get information about general site performance and popularity, visitors overview, sources of visitor traffic, perform ads tracking, ROI analysis.
There are a lot of standard reports already provided with the software. Reports are dynamic, which means that they can be navigated easily, presented as a tree, viewed as a table or/and diagram. Users can use third party reporting tools as well as built-in MS Access query and report design capabilities. You don't even need to be familiar with SQL language to create your own views of web site traffic data.
Now Active Log Analyzer version 1.0 beta 1 (build from 09/16/2002) is avaialble for free. Log Analyzer is still in development. More program features will be available in future versions soon.

Active Log Analyzer was transformed recently in Deep Log Analyzer software!
Please visit to download Deep Log Analyzer - advanced and easy to use web analytics software.

Main Active Log Analyzer features include:

  • Supports following log formats:
    • W3C Extended Log File Format - used on MS Internet Information Server (IIS) web server
    • Common Log Format (CLF), Combined Log Format - used on Apache, NCSA HTTPd, Netscape Enterprise Server
  • Highly customizable through easily editable ini-files
  • Imports log files data to standard MS Access (mdb) database
  • Advanced customizable algorithm for determining separate visits, which increases the accuracy of reports. It can use usernames, cookies or visitors IP addresses to determine visitor sessions.
  • Analyze query parameters, used to access your site. For example, use ref=overture parameter to see how many users have entered your site from overture advertising partners. It also makes it possible to analyze log files from database driven web sites, created with CGI, ASP or ColdFusion technologies
  • Reports on most modern search engines and keywords used to find the site
  • Reports on visitor OSs and browsers with versions
  • Supports persistent cookies to better track individual visitors, especially those that visit multiple times (returning visitors)
  • Database occupies several times less disk space than raw log files
  • Database is designed according to the normalization and performance optimization rules and is easy to understand.
  • Operates on Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP
How to use Active Log Analyzer beta:
  1. Download and install Active Log Analyzer
  2. Edit or create your own profile file. Default is profile1.ini
  3. All options are described inside this profile file. Most important option is mask for log files (For example LogLocalPath = C:\Logfiles\*.log).
  4. Run LogImport.exe with command line parameter profile.ini
  5. Search engine definitions, used to recognize search engine and find keywords is in search_engines.ini file, which can be edited
  6. Lists of OSs, Browser and Spiders and rules to identify each of them are in user_agents.ini. It can be edited.
  7. Active Log Analyzer puts some information about its work and error messages to log.txt file as well as in the on-screen list
Program Requirements:
  • Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Microsoft Access
  • CPU: Pentium II - 300 (minimum), Pentium 4 - 2GHz (recommended)
  • RAM: 128 MB (recommended - 256MB)
  • HDD space: 2 MB plus space for database

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