Internet Monitoring for Kids: Monitor Kids Computer Activity, Monitoring Kids Online, Monitor Kids on the Internet

January 29th, 2010

If your children have unlimited access to the Internet while being in touch with a lot of information that can be harmful for their mental and physical growth, Internet monitoring for kids is really an indispensable option. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with Softactivity Keylogger – all-in-one software allowing you to monitor kids on the Internet and be always updated about their computer activities in real time.

Basically, our SoftActivity Keylogger is the powerful spyware program designed for monitoring kids online without their awareness. Just by installing this monitoring software on the computer your children use at home, you can monitor kids computer activity and view when, how and what they did on the Internet ensuring their online safety.

By monitoring kids online with the help of SoftActivity Keylogger, you get necessary control to be fully aware of the actions that your kids take while being connected to the Internet. Our full-featured software monitors kids on the Internet capturing everything that your child does online from visited websites and downloaded files to personal emails and chat conversations. Additionally, all the captured information is stored in a special log file that can be emailed to you periodically.

Today, when adult and other harmful information is available to anyone with an Internet access, what can parents do to protect their children? Start monitoring of kids computer activities and Internet usage. Take advantage of our SoftActivity Keylogger and make sure, our powerful spy software will alert you when your children are into something suspicious online.

Employee Monitoring Solution: Monitoring Employee Internet Usage, Monitor Employee Computer Activity

January 25th, 2010

Internet abuse in the workplace and as the result lost of productivity is a significant issue for many businesses that allow the extensive Internet access for their employees. If you would like to know what your office employees do when they are expected to work, monitoring employee Internet usage is the only option you need. SoftActivity is ready to offer you Activity Monitor – the most effective employee monitoring solution allowing monitoring of employee computers in real time from one administrator’s PC.

Our Activity Monitor provides you with the unmatched control level to monitor employee computer activity and track their computer usage at work. While monitoring employee computers, you will know every move of your networked users whether they are visiting inappropriate websites, running restricted programs, chatting online with friends or sending personal emails.

Moreover, when it comes to monitoring of employees Internet usage, our Activity Monitor provides you with the excellent reporting options by recording user activity on all networked computers into the central log database for the deeper analysis and advanced report generation. Our powerful employee monitoring solution enables you to monitor employees computer activity without their knowledge as this program runs completely invisibly for other users.

Actually, your employees may waste a lot of time on non work-related online activities during working hours. Take advantage of our professional employee monitoring solution and get own electronic eyes and ears on the workplace helping you to obtain necessary control and improve overall productivity through continuous monitoring of employee computers.

Internet Parental Control Program: Kids Safety on the Internet, Safe Internet Surfing for Kids

January 21st, 2010

Today kids safety on the Internet should be one of the biggest concerns for parents whose children have unlimited access to the Internet at home. Actually, not only your kids can access inappropriate websites, but also there are much more serious threats online for children of all ages. SoftActivity is ready to provide all parents with the professional Internet parental control program to help ensure safe Internet surfing for kids.

Essentially, we don’t propose you to sit down with your kids and look over their shoulders as our Softactivity Keylogger is designed to provide total control over your local network allowing you to keep kids safety on the Internet by monitoring their computer activities remotely. Our powerful Internet safety software for kids captures everything they type in their emails, chats and other programs, including passwords making it possible to know exactly what your kids do online.

In addition, our full-featured Internet parental control program includes an all-in-one keystroke recorder that records all Internet activities on a computer monitored into a special log file allowing parents to be fully aware of the actions that their children take online. Moreover, this Internet safety software for kids runs in the background and works invisibly so your children won’t feel any intrusion on their privacy.

Undoubtedly, kids safety on the Internet can’t be ignored as without your involvement into kids online activities, they can be exposed to harmful information and other possible online threats. With our advanced Softactivity Keylogger you may have peace of mind gaining the power you need to control your home computer and ensure safe Internet surfing for kids with ease.

Activity Monitor 5.1 released

January 15th, 2010
  • fixed: remote Agent installation was in some cases installing Agent of previous version causing this error in Activity Monitor: Agent of old version is found on the computer XXX
  • improved: faster start of Agent service SamSvc
  • fixed: on computers with imaged systems Agent ID was not unique resulting in duplicating of computers in Activity Monitor’s list
  • fixed: sometimes error 0xC000041 appeared on Win XP computers with Agent during system shutdown

Employee Internet Tracking Software, Track Employee Internet Use, Tracking Employee Internet Use

January 11th, 2010

Nowadays when employee access to the Internet is important for conducting job-related transactions and operations, many waste their working hours participating in Internet chats, sending and receiving personal emails and going for unrelated online surfing. If you are interested in tracking employee Internet use during working hours, you’ve come to the right place. SoftActivity is ready to offer you Activity Monitor – professional employee Internet tracking software allowing you to monitor employees’ computer usage in real time.

Actually, there are numerous reasons why you might consider remote employee monitoring at the workplace including security and productivity issues. But most importantly, our employee Internet tracking software provides you with all the options needed to track employee Internet use and find out what they are doing when they’re supposed to be working. Moreover, Activity Monitor allows tracking of employee Internet use remotely, without user’s knowing, from a single administrator’s PC.

Be assured, our feature-rich application for remote employee monitoring will monitor every computer and web-based action of employees including Internet browsing, file transferring, emails sent and received, keystrokes typed and much more. In addition, this employee Internet tracking software records employee online activities providing you with detailed reports of who, when and how often surf the Internet during office hours.

In fact, remote employee monitoring is essential for any business as employee Internet usage for personal goals can affect company’s productivity as well as result in the important information leakage. With Activity Monitor you get total control over your office network to track employee Internet use and prevent Internet abuse at work.

Activity Monitor 5.0 released

January 6th, 2010
  • new: secure connection between Monitor and Agents using SSL. All monitoring data is securely encrypted for network transfer
  • new: redesigned architecture that makes the software more reliable, secure, scalable, and easier to add new features in future
  • new: more than one Monitor can connect to the same Agent computer and simultaneously watch activity in real time
  • new: connect to a remote computer when no user is logged on. Screen tab will show a logon screen. You can use such commands as Turn Off, Restart Computer, Transfer Files from Agent, Change password
  • new: download logs when no user is logged on to monitored computers. If a user logs off from Windows at the end of a day before leaving, Monitor can still collect logs and screenshots
  • new: filter in Agents list view: Show Only Online Agents/Only Offline/Show All
  • new: improved reliability of Agent service. If monitoring process stops due to crash it will restart automatically and monitoring continues
  • new: full usage of multi-core capabilities of modern CPUs for improved performance and UI responsiveness
  • new: Agent uses less memory (RAM) and CPU resources
  • new: Agent uses only one TCP port #15163 and one UDP port #15164 for communications. This makes it easier to setup firewall exceptions. In firewall rule for Agent allow all network activity for amsvc.exe process. Such rule is created automatically in Windows Firewall during setup
  • new: support of Google Chrome browser for Internet monitoring
  • new: collecting recordings in Activity Monitor from remote computers silently in background without popping up Download progress window
  • new: uninstall Agent remotely on any OS and not dependent on what user is logged on
  • new: support of Windows 7
  • new: view user activity in remote desktop (RDP) sessions on the monitored computer. This means you can now monitor even when user logs in to his office computer remotely from home.
  • new: monitored users can not see files with recordings. There are no access rights to files with recordings that are temporarily kept on their computers
  • new: Licensing change: now the license is required also for computers where monitoring part of the software is installed, i.e. for manager’s PC. For example, to monitor 10 employee computers by 2 managers from their computers an organization needs 12 computers license

Children Monitoring Software, Monitoring Kids Computer Activity, Monitor Kids’ Computer

January 6th, 2010

It is quite possible that your son or daughter may be putting themselves or your family in danger with the actions they are making online right now – when they hang out with their friends, use chat rooms, or send emails to someone they don’t really know. Parents, worrying about their children online safety and willing to have powerful tools for monitoring kids computer activity can take advantage of our full-featured children monitoring software SoftActivity Keylogger enabling you to know what your kids are doing online.

SoftActivity Keylogger comes with innovative features and tools to protect your child from all possible dangers and threats of the Internet. Be sure, monitoring kids computer activity is easy even for a newbie if you use our children monitoring software SoftActivity Keylogger. It records all keystrokes typed and programs run on a computer – so, while you monitor kids’ computer you can see every their online move.

Having the ability to work effectively on all modern versions of Windows OS, SoftActivity Keylogger, is a full-featured and easy-to-use solution for your peace of mind. Once our children monitoring software is set up it will begin monitoring kids computer activity right away without being detected.

With the question of monitoring kids’ computer activity staying actual these days, SoftActivity Keylogger can be an ideal choice for worrying parents. Protect your children online safety in the most effective way with our powerful solution.