How to Use UEBA For Remote Work Security

March 22nd, 2021

A powerful and intuitive cybersecurity process, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is a technological approach to insider threat protection and risk management. UEBA tracks and monitors common behaviors on monitored computers so that employers have a clear picture of what employees are typically doing. Primarily, this software alerts employers to behavior that deviates from the baseline norm. 

If you run a remote operation, then you’ll need to implement tools for ensuring remote data security. UEBA is one tool in your arsenal that should not be overlooked.

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User and Entity Behavior Analytics Tools: Why They Fall Short for Insider Threat Management

November 2nd, 2020

A successful insider threat can cause a lot of harm to a business of any size, costing a company thousands if not millions of dollars in lost assets, downtime, compromised customer assets, and expending resources to mitigate the breach. Therefore, businesses of all sizes should seek ways to mitigate insider threats, like an insider threat detection program, so that they can increase the chances of stopping one before it happens.

One method of managing an insider threat detection program is by using user and entity behavior analytics (UBA and EBA, or UEBA). These tools allow project managers, business owners, and management to track a user’s behavior, and, of course, the behavior patterns of an entity, to try to identify a sort of common pattern or trend. Therefore, when that trend is disrupted, those monitoring the users can potentially do something to protect their business against an insider threat. 

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