SoftActivity TS Monitor 3.0 released

June 13th, 2012
  • new: view screenshots together with all reports on new Screenshots Timeline:
    • new: select a program and view all screenshots for this program
    • new: select a visited website and view history of screenshots for this website
    • new: view screenshots as you navigate through history of used programs, emails, chats, etc.
    • new: double click a screenshot thumbnail in the bottom panel to view it full size
    • new: zoom in/ zoom out screenshots, view them as slide show
    • new: recommended setting is to take screenshots from active window only instead of full desktop. It is now default
  • new: Licensing is now for concurrent user sessions instead of named users. For example, 6 users license allows recording of up to 6 any users simultaneously logged to a terminal server. For your existing license this means you can monitor more users than before
  • new: Select users and/or groups to monitor. Selecting a Group or All Users option allows monitoring of user accounts created in future or not known by administrator at time of setup
  • new: Exclude users and/or groups from monitoring, such as managers and administrators
  • new: Recording file operations on all drives: local, network, removable. Select monitored folders and change other settings on Files tab. By default, records removable drives and user’s Documents folder. Previously recorded only USB drives
  • improved: Recognizes external hard drives as removable and records file operations on such drives
  • new: export File operations report to Excel
  • new: improved and more reliable keystrokes recording algorithm, especially on 64-bit Windows editions
  • new: database can be stored on a network shared folder on another server. To allow this grant write NTFS permissions to COMPUTER$ account for the shared folder. Only supported in domain. This allows storing databases from multiple servers in a single location
  • improved: support of more than 65K rows for export to Excel 2007 or newer
  • lots of other improvements and fixes

Remote Desktop Monitoring Software, How to Monitor RDP sessions

January 24th, 2012

Using Windows Terminal Server, Remote Desktop services or Citrix shared desktop services, or XenApp provide business owners, employers and administrators with a remarkable opportunity to get the most advanced computer resources without spending a fortune. However, such remote sessions sometimes present particular problems for tracking, recording and logging user activity. While traditional computer/Internet monitoring systems and keystroke loggers generally prove to be inefficient or even useless in a terminal server environment, many administrators wonder how to monitor remote desktop sessions of their users secretly and in real-time.Read More

SoftActivity TS Monitor 1.2 released

August 14th, 2009
  • fix: on some computers caused connection errors in Outlook to MS Exchange server
  • fix: user log-on and log-off events where not recorded
  • fix: several minor fixes

SoftActivity TS Monitor: Protects Your Critical Data by Monitoring User Activity on Terminal Server

June 1st, 2009

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada – June 2, 2009 – Deep Software Inc. today announced the release of SoftActivity TS Monitor, a comprehensive solution that enables administrators to monitor user activity in Windows Terminal Server sessions.

The threat of attack from insiders is both real and substantial. According to a study conducted by the United States Secret Service and CERT, 32% of all electronic crimes in which the perpetrator could be identified were committed by insiders. Additionally, companies must contend with an increasing volume of legislation which requires that they take action to protect the data that their networks hold against unauthorized disclosure. Preventing outsiders from accessing that data is relatively straightforward, but preventing insiders from accessing and disclosing it can be far from straightforward.

“While it is reasonably easy for a company to secure its network against external threats, securing it against internal threats can be much more challenging,” said Yuri Martsinovsky, CEO of Deep Software. “Security is only as strong as the weakest link and, in many cases, the weakest link is the lack of control which companies have over the actions of their employees. While firewalls and intrusion prevention and detection systems can stop outsiders accessing your data, they cannot stop insiders passing your data to outsiders.”

SoftActivity TS Monitor has an extensive set of logging and report options that help companies mitigate insider threats:

TS Monitor logs every action performed by local and remote users during Terminal Server sessions. The product records

  • Screenshots of user actions
  • Used applications
  • Sent and received email
  • Web browsing history
  • Both sides of IM conversations
  • And more

TS Monitor enables administrators and managers to:

  • View detailed reports on the server usage
  • See when users logged on and log off the server
  • View a list of the most used applications and visited websites
  • See exactly what was typed in any application
  • Replay a slideshow of user actions

TS Monitor compliments Deep Software’s Activity Monitor, a solution that enables managers and administrators to monitor employee workstations on a LAN. With TS Monitor, companies can now also record their Terminal Server’s usage. SoftActivity TS Monitor supports Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Citrix.

Pricing and Availability

TS Monitor is available now. Pricing is dependent on number of monitored users and decreases with volume – a 10 user license costs $449.90. Licenses include 1 year of updates and unlimited technical support.

About Deep Software Inc.

Based in New Westminster, BC, Canada, Deep Software Inc. specializes in the development of industry-leading security and web analytics solutions for government agencies, large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as home PC users.

For more information and to obtain a free trial version of SoftActivity TS Monitor, please visit