What Is Data Leak Prevention?

July 19th, 2021

Enterprises with sensitive data can experience data leaks when a hacker gains access to their sensitive data hubs and can copy or move the data unbeknownst to the enterprise. 

Having reliable and robust data leak prevention software in place can alert the enterprise to the breach to mitigate and stop the data leak from getting worse. Additionally, monitoring software can detect anomalous behaviors and potentially prevent a data leak from happening. 

Businesses in information-intensive industries must securely receive, send, store, and access large quantities of sensitive information. They must also follow a dizzying array of compliance and regulatory requirements. 

If you operate in an information-intensive industry and you are required to collect and store a large amount of sensitive data, personally identifiable data, health data, or banking data, then you need to have a data leak prevention tool and system in place. 

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How Do You Evaluate a Remote Employee?

July 12th, 2021

Businesses usually conduct employee evaluations on an annual basis to review how well an employee is doing, their work duties and habits, and compare what the employee did against what was expected of them. 

An employee performance evaluation is an extremely useful tool that businesses use to gauge time theft, work expectations, raises, promotions, and bonuses. 

However, if you operate a remote workforce, you might find that evaluating your remote employees is easier said than done. It is different from the way in-person office personnel can assess their employees. 

To help new remote managers handle this challenge, we’ve documented the best way to evaluate a remote employee:

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Data Loss Prevention Tips in the Insurance Industry

June 14th, 2021

Data loss can wreak havoc on any industry. As long as a business collects sensitive data, they are at risk for a data breach or insider threat. This risk is elevated in critical industries like insurance and healthcare because they collect and store far more valuable data on-site. 

The insurance industry is, therefore, highly susceptible to security breaches and stolen data. To better understand this issue, we’ve identified the top security considerations for insurance companies and laid out top data loss prevention (DLP) tips for organizations within this industry. 

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