How To Monitor Employees Working From Home

March 27th, 2023

As the world continues to adjust to changes in how we work, now more than ever, businesses understand the importance of maintaining and managing remote teams. 

But with change come challenges, and inadequate visibility into employee performance can hurt business operations and morale among staff. 

Fortunately, technology has made it easier for small businesses and remote business owners to monitor employees even when working from home. 

This blog post will cover steps you can take today to monitor employees while working remotely effectively.

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Should I Get Employee Monitoring Software?

January 30th, 2023

Employee monitoring software gives employers a powerful tool for tracking employee behaviors on work computers. Employee monitoring software is a non-invasive software that protects company data, protects against time theft, and provides viable tracking data for performance purposes.

For some, the decision to get employee monitoring software is a tough one to make. On the one hand, some employers may believe in its power but don’t want to act like Big Brother watching over their employees. But, when you weigh the pros and cons of employee monitoring software, it’s clear that it is a smart option for small to large businesses. 

If you’re considering getting employee monitoring software, this blog will help you decipher the advantages and disadvantages.

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How Employee Monitoring for Call Centers Works

November 7th, 2022

Whether your employees work remotely or in-house, overseeing your call center team can be tricky. And when deadlines and customer service are high priorities, it’s not always easy to know what to do. 

The technology we have available today means that we can work remotely, access information without necessarily needing to be in the office, and can even add to customer satisfaction scores. Onscreen and offscreen distractions can significantly decrease productivity. To avoid this, you’ll need the right tools.

Employee monitoring software offers excellent network infrastructure that links everyone at work, no matter where they are. This ensures safety by managing security measures, increasing productivity for every member, and ensuring the efficiency of every task. Learn how employee monitoring software can help call centers manage their employees to improve teamwork and productivity.

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7 Benefits of Internet Monitoring Software

April 13th, 2020

Internet monitoring software is a powerful tool that can detect and regulate traffic on the network that the software is installed on. Controlling internet traffic allows a company to regulate its employees, regardless of whether or not they work in a brick-and-mortar office space or work remotely.  

There is an increasing number of companies adopting internet monitoring software in order to protect their bottom line. This is most likely because malicious attacks are becoming increasingly more prevalent and they can cost a company millions.

Additionally, with more and more remote employees, remote monitoring can minimize the risk of workers accessing sensitive company data remotely. 

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Computer Monitoring Software and Why You Need It

February 3rd, 2020

Malicious attacks on large and SMB business data are increasingly on the rise and will cost your company potentially millions of dollars. Not only will investing in computer monitoring software protect your company against malicious insider threats, but it can also support your company’s short-learn and long-term productivity goals. 

Not sure what computer monitoring software is? We understand. As a business owner or IT response member, it can feel kind of invasive using computer monitoring software to monitor employee operations. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that this software’s aim is to protect your company, while still respecting the privacy of your employees.

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Local Area Network Monitoring Software, LAN Activity Monitoring

October 23rd, 2019

Local area network monitoring software is becoming more and more popular nowadays as with the tendency of improving productivity, business owners and managers pay more attention to their employees’ working efficiency. Activity Monitor is the most powerful, yet handy in usage LAN activity monitoring software solution from SoftActivity for companies of all sizes. It allows you to control every computer in your LAN from a central location in a secret mode.Read More