The Importance Of Offboarding For Insider Threat Protection

August 8th, 2022

Taking care of insider threat concerns has never been more important. With the Great Resignation, more businesses with online data security vulnerabilities, and an increasing number of businesses moving remote, it’s become more important than ever to hit all of the security best practices to reduce the risk of a security breach. 

One of the most important best practices is offboarding employees, contractors, and third parties to protect company data. These articles talk about why that’s so important and how to do so:

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How The Great Resignation Brought About More Insider Threats and What to Do About It

July 11th, 2022

The 2020s have seen shifting tides in workplace culture, human resource (HR) management, and the job force. What also came about was the Great Resignation, which increased job turnover stemmed from the global pandemic. 

The Great Resignation, much like the economic downturns of the 2020s, is greatly impacting the workforce in numerous unknown and trackable ways. One impact is the rise of insider threats. 

Here’s how the shifting workplace and the Great Resignation are encouraging insider threats and what businesses can do about it:

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How Activity Monitoring Improves Your Company’s Security

September 27th, 2021

Every business has something of value that can be stolen. The unfortunate reality of our online world is that most customer data, employee data, and critical business information is available online as long as you know how to access it. 

Computer hackers attempt to steal company data every day, and luckily so many of our systems already in place online, like cloud networks, are designed to protect against attacks. Unfortunately, some hackers get through.

With the growth of ransomware during the COVID-19 pandemic and the slow growth of the Shadow IT network and the Internet of Things, businesses need to do everything to improve their security. 

One effective way is through activity monitoring software. This article will dive into what activity monitoring is and how it can drastically improve your company’s security. 

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Do I Really Need To Worry About Insider Threats?

September 13th, 2021

Every company collects sensitive data of some sort. Whether you have to collect payment data to process a transaction or you have sensitive customer information, like personally identifiable information (PII), hackers or malicious employees might find ways to smuggle that data out of your company and into the hands of bad actors. 

You may not even realize that the data your company holds on to is valuable. Well, it is, and you should protect it from all kinds of potential threats and attacks. 

There are two main types of attacks on data: data breaches and insider threats. Many companies agree that their data should be protected against data breaches, and they implement antivirus or firewall software. However, you may not realize that you need to protect against insider threats as well.

Here’s what you need to know about insider threats and the impact they can have on your business:

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