New: Ability to download updates for Activity Monitor online

February 11th, 2010

Deep Software introduces online update system for registered users of Activity Monitor. This system enables our customers to download new version of Activity Monitor software online on our website.

It requests for user’s full name, email and the registration key that was used to activate the software. It allows then to download newest version of Activity Monitor software. You will also see expiration date of your subscription to updates and support.

If your updates and support subscription has expired the system will offer an easy option to renew your subscription for 1 more year.

Registered users of Activity Monitor: Check Subscription and Download the Latest Version

Protect Kids Online, Software to Protect Kids Online, Online Protection for Kids

February 8th, 2010

Are you sure your children don’t use your home computer for surfing illegal websites when you are away? Is it safe to say that they are protected from possible Internet threats including harmful information and online cheaters? If not, then it makes sense to use our SoftActivity Keylogger to ensure your kids Internet safety. Here, at SoftActivity, we will show you how to protect kids online giving you the control you need over their Internet and computer usage.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is a powerful software solution to protect kids online, specifically designed for parents who worry about the amount of time their children are spending surfing the Internet but have no idea how to protect kids online. Our spy software allows you to ensure online protection for kids recording everything they do on the Web, from chatting and emailing to website visiting.

One of the main advantages of our high-quality software to protect kids online is that your children are unaware of monitoring process doing what they normally do. Actually, this is the easiest and safest way for parents to keep an eye on all online activities of children knowing that they are protected on the Internet.

Frankly speaking, as Internet is almost everywhere today, parents should know how to protect kids online and help them to avoid all possible online threats. SoftActivity offers all-in-one software to protect kids online that will let you know how your PC is used and alert you when your child is involved into something suspicious.

Employee Workplace Monitoring: Internet Monitoring on the Workplace, Monitoring Employee Internet Use

February 7th, 2010

Do you know that, in accordance with the researches, average companies that allow their employees unlimited access to the Internet waste thousands dollars because of lack of productivity and information leakage? Actually, non-work related activities such as online games, Internet shopping, chatting and web surfing represent new temptations for the majority of employees during working hours. That’s why many companies are interested in monitoring employee Internet use to find out what they do when they’re supposed to work. SoftActivity is here to offer you professional employee workplace monitoring software designed to provide you with total control over your local network.

Our Activity Monitor is designed for Internet monitoring on the workplace and delivers potential benefits for your business with regard to increased network safety, identity theft prevention and increased productivity. Be assured, our powerful employee workplace monitoring software allows you to monitor employee web usage and other computer activities on any computer in your local network during office hours, staying absolutely undetected.

Moreover, while allowing monitoring of employee Internet usage, our Activity Monitor provides you with a powerful keylogger that records Internet websites visited, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, etc. into a special log file. All detailed information stored in this encrypted file can be later used for advanced report generation and deep analysis of your employees Internet activity.

If you would like to increase your company’s productivity and keep an eye on your employees with the help of Internet monitoring on the workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Our full-featured employee workplace monitoring program is your best choice to monitor employee web usage as well as track and record everything happening within your entire network from a single administrator’s PC.

Monitor Computer Activities, Best PC Remote Control Software, Monitoring Internet Surfing

February 6th, 2010

Decreased employees productivity is a serious issue company managers face with today. That’s why growing numbers of employers are turning to spy technologies to monitor computer activities of their employees. SoftActivity puts a new spin in the field of monitoring Internet surfing and computer usage with its Activity Monitor – one of the best PC remote control software solutions available on the market.

Actually, PC remote control software Activity Monitor is a stable and reliable program to track and monitor computer activities and Internet usage in real-time. Moreover, with Activity Monitor you can perform monitoring of Internet surfing and other computer activities in the entire LAN.

Our best PC remote control software allows you to monitor computer activities and Internet usage of your employees even remotely, when you are away for a business trip, vacation, etc. Activity Monitor has the most comprehensive set of the latest tools for monitoring Internet surfing and computer usage – you will get the most detailed reports on programs run and sites visited, documents opened and printed, e-mails sent and received, chats conversations made, keystrokes typed and much more!

In fact, the best PC remote control software from SoftActivity can be very useful for both business and personal needs. You can secretly monitor computer activities of anyone in the LAN and thereby improve employee performance by providing immediate feedback and prevent security breaches by checking log files with their recorded actions.

LAN Monitoring: LAN Monitoring Program, LAN Monitoring Tools, Monitor Computer Usage in LAN

February 5th, 2010

Is there a way to effectively monitor computer usage in your LAN including online activities from one administrator’s PC? This is the issue that many business owners and managers are concerned with nowadays. If you need powerful and affordable LAN monitoring tools to control full working process in your local network, you are welcome to We’re ready to offer you LAN monitoring program designed to meet any specific needs and requirements you have.

Actually, our Activity Monitor is an advanced LAN monitoring program that comes with a comprehensive set of industry-leading tools giving you the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. The information you get as a result of monitoring process can be later used for deeper analysis and advanced report generation.

Our LAN monitoring program Activity Monitor consists of a server and client part: Activity Monitor server is installed on the main computer and client programs – on all computers in the network you’re going to monitor. In fact, all LAN monitoring tools can be installed even remotely from the PC with Activity Monitor on it. In such a way, your employees will be absolutely unaware that you monitor computer usage, unless you tell them.

Be assured, with our LAN monitoring program Activity Monitor any computer in your local network can be spied remotely. You may tune these LAN monitoring tools so that they will record activity on all networked computers. Whether it is a library public network, educational or commercial company network, use Activity Monitor to monitor computer usage in your LAN absolutely hassle-free.

Internet & Computer Activity Control Software: Monitoring Computer Activity, Monitor Internet Surfing

February 5th, 2010

Parents caring about their children as well as company managers looking for effective time management and increase of company staff productivity may be interested in getting powerful tools for monitoring computer activity of their children, students, employees, etc. SoftActivity suggests to take advantage of our full-featured Internet and computer activity control software Activity Monitor designed to allow you monitor Internet surfing and all PC activities of any user, at any given moment and from any location.

Actually, is the number-one online destination for Internet and computer activity control software solutions that will help you to find out the truth about other users online activity, recording their emails sent and received, chat conversations made, websites visited, programs run, etc. into a special log file. While you monitor Internet surfing of your employees, children and students with Activity Monitor, you considerably lower the risk of an unauthorized access, abuse and online fraud.

The installation process of our Internet and computer activity control software Activity Monitor is very easy and doesn’t require any specific skills from you. Our monitoring computer activity system consists of a server part that can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN and client parts for all computers on the network you want to monitor.

Combining industry-leading tools and powerful features, Internet and computer activity control software Activity Monitor has proved its excellent efficiency by increasing the overall productivity of businesses where it was used to monitor Internet surfing and computer usage in the local networks. Besides, this powerful tool for monitoring computer activity from SoftActivity allows you to be always aware of your employees computer activity at any given moment.


Software for Kids Computer Control, Monitoring Kids PC Activity, Control Kids Online

February 4th, 2010

Most parents wish to control kids’ online activity, but at the same time know that they can’t be there all the time sitting with them when they are online. That’s why, decision on using programs for kids’ computer control is considered to be the logical step more and more parents are taking nowadays. At you will find a full-featured software solution for kids computer control SoftActivity Keylogger that will allow you to monitor kids PC activity and Internet surfing any time of a day or night and from any location, even when you are miles away from your home.

Even if you’re absolutely confident of your children online behavior, you shouldn’t avoid measures of controlling kids’ online activities. Having advanced features and opportunities in its toolbox, our software for kids computer control SoftActivity Keylogger is at the top list of products for monitoring kids PC activity!

As a powerful software solution for kids computer control, SoftActivity Keylogger allows you to monitor the overall usage of a computer and gives you a full report on everything happening on the particular PC. Monitoring kids’ PC activity includes recording of all keystrokes typed, passwords entered, e-mails and instant messages sent or received, applications used, etc. – in other words everything you need to know in order to control your kids online.

Keeping in mind your desire to perform full control over kids’ online activities, SoftActivity constantly works on upgrading its software for kids computer control to ensure your total peace of mind. Monitoring kids’ PC activity has never been easier!