TS Monitoring Software, Terminal Server Sessions Recorder, Monitor Remote Desktop Sessions

January 31st, 2011

When a business grows and expands to multiple locations, at some point it may be very useful creating Terminal Server environments to allow employees access their files and applications from any location around the Globe. In fact, Windows Terminal Server is a perfect platform for those who need multiple users to access the same system, share applications and data simultaneously via the Internet.

If you decided to use Terminal Servers to set up branch offices and support your tele-workers, then you may be highly interested in tools for Windows Terminal Server monitoring to keep record of your remote user activities. SoftActivity is here to provide you with one of the best TS monitoring software solutions available on the market today – SoftActivity TS Monitor, deigned to monitor remote desktop sessions in real-time.

As an advanced Terminal Server sessions recorder, SoftActivity TS Monitor can also be used for monitoring Windows Remote Desktop sessions, Citrix shared desktop and virtual applications. Actually, it allows business owners and network administrators to manage effectively their Terminal Server environments by providing them with the deepest insight into employee behavior. It captures every single action performed by local and remote users, including websites visited, emails sent and received, IM communications, keystrokes typed and passwords entered, etc.

By using proprietary IntelliSnap™ technology, our full-featured TS monitoring software can take screenshots either based on user actions or periodically (you can setup capturing time intervals). All reports are stored in a strongly encrypted database with 128-bit AES protection and can be viewed only by an administrator via a remote terminal session from any computer or in a local administrative session on the server.


Computer Monitoring of Employees, Software to Monitor Employees – Activity Monitor

January 29th, 2011

If you run a company where almost all business processes are based on computer and Internet use, then it’s high time to think about how to prevent misuse of these corporate resources by your staff and protect your intellectual property and trade secrets. SoftActivity is here to address any your related needs. We are ready to offer you powerful yet easy-to-use software to monitor employees – Activity Monitor designed to eliminate personal and fraudulent activities during working hours and increase staff productivity.

With our smart network computer monitoring software and keylogger no single computer action performed by your employees will be left behind your eyes. Activity Monitor instantly records everything what is going on within your office computer network, including Internet surfing history, online communications, inbox and sent emails, software and applications run, keystrokes typed, etc. as well as duration of every activity.

All logs recorded are stored in one centralized location on your computer, in highly encrypted Central Log Database, and then can be viewed and analyzed at any time or delivered to you in the form of reports.

We have designed Activity Monitor as an absolutely invisible software solution to monitor employees: you can have total peace of mind knowing that no one from your staff will detect it unless you tell them. The latest version of Activity Monitor allows several administrators or managers to have control over networking computers in real time and simultaneously that is very useful for companies with large staff and several departments. Enjoy convenient and effective computer monitoring of your employees with all-in-one keylogger software from SoftActivity.

Kids Internet Tracking: Tracking Kids Internet Activity, How to Track Kids Internet Usage

January 28th, 2011

If you are a parent of teenage kids, it’s important to be aware of what they see on the Internet, who they talk to and what private information they share online. Do you know how much time your children spend surfing the Internet? Recent studies show that most parents have not even a distant idea of the amount of time their kids spend online each day. Along with millions of adult websites available on the Web, thousands of cyber criminals looking for a new victim, it’s hard to predict what consequences of uncontrolled kids Internet usage will be.

Actually, keeping your kids away from possible online threats doesn’t require your constant presence when they are surfing the Web. At SoftActivity we know that safety of own children is one of the biggest concerns for parents nowadays. That’s why we’re here to offer you powerful kids Internet tracking software – SoftActivity Keylogger that is designed to ensure you have control you need over your child online activity even when you are away.

Running in the background of your computer desktop, SoftActivity Keylogger has a variety of advanced features showing you how to track kids Internet usage with maximum efficiency. Depending on your specific goals and what you need to learn about your child’s online activity, this kids Internet tracking spyware will capture desktop screenshots and log every computer move: from applications used and websites visited to keystrokes typed and emails sent.

When tracking kids Internet usage, be ready to hear sooner or later that you don’t trust them. Actually, if you need to control a preteen child, you usually won’t face any difficulties. However, if your child is aged 13 and older, you can easily lose his/her trust. Along with installing our kids Internet tracking program, it’s a good idea to talk with children about possible online threats, warn them not to share personal information (names, address, phone numbers, etc.), stay open to their questions and encourage to tell you if something makes them feel uncomfortable online.


Employee Internet Control Solution: Best Internet Control Software, Software to Monitor Employee Internet Usage

January 27th, 2011

Do you know that in accordance with the recent research results, most business owners/managers face with the problem of excessive Internet abuse on the workplace? Actually, being an extremely useful tool for daily business operations, the Internet also represents the biggest distraction during office hours. What does this mean for your company? First of all, inappropriate employee Internet use can expose your network to security threats while reducing your revenue and overall productivity dramatically.

With the tendency of preventing employee Internet abuse, more and more employers start to pay decent attention to employee Internet control allowing to keep a constant eye on what is going on in a company’s LAN. Our Activity Monitor is one of the best Internet control software solutions that will do all this work for you.

It should be mentioned that our employee Internet control solution has proved its excellent efficiency in increasing overall productivity within any business environment where it’s used. While using our powerful software to monitor employee Internet usage, you can protect your business from computer-based liabilities and eliminate important information leakage.

Designed from a management perspective, Activity Monitor helps you find out who is the most productive employee and who is a slacker. As a manager, you can track Internet usage and sites visited, view employee emails and see both sides of instant messaging conversations (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, ICQ, Windows Live, chats, etc.). Moreover, our Internet control software includes useful functions showing you all keystrokes typed, programs run as well as everything what have been uploaded or downloaded from a particular computer.

Take advantage of our employee Internet control solution (purchase a full version or download a 15-day free trial version) to stop abuse on the workplace and increase business efficiency.


Activity Monitor 5.7 released

January 10th, 2011
  • new: Documents security: record file operations on removable drives (Only on 32-bit Windows. 64-bit support is coming soon). Allows to track files potentially stolen on flash drives or external HDD’s. View results on Files tab in Log Viewer
  • new: chat recording support for Skype v.5
  • new: chat recording support of Windows Live Messenger 2011
  • new: /express installation of updates with less setup pages
  • new: command line parameter /forceconnect to connect to all computers on startup. It will display currently logged on user in Agents List when it’s in Details mode
  • fixes and minor improvements

SoftActivity Keylogger 4.2 released

January 10th, 2011
  • new: records what files where copied to/from removable drives, such as flash thumb drives, external HDD, etc. (Only on 32-bit Windows, 64-bit support coming soon). View results on Files tab.
  • new: added support for recording chat in Windows Live Messenger 2011
  • new: chat recording support for Skype v.5
  • new: easier installation of updates with less setup pages
  • other fixes and improvements