Employee Internet Usage Tracking: Track Employee Internet, Monitor Employee Computer Activities

August 30th, 2010

As employee access to the Internet is becoming the norm in many companies, more and more employers are now interested in the possibility to monitor employee computer activities during working hours to ensure an appropriate level of company’s productivity. If you are looking for an effective employee Internet tracking solution to keep a constant eye on your employees and know what they do when they’re supposed to be working, you’ve come to the right place! is here to offer you Activity Monitor – high-quality employee Internet usage tracking software allowing you to know what, how and when your office users performed.

In fact, loss of productivity, security risks and harassment liabilities are just a few of the dangers your company may face with by allowing employee Internet abuse on the workplace. Our powerful employee Internet tracking solution will help you hold a winning position as now you can monitor all computers in your LAN and track employee Internet use remotely from a single administrator’s PC.

This user-friendly employee Internet usage tracking software is designed to monitor employee computer activities in real-time and record every their computer move to a central log database. You may rest assured, with Activity Monitor you are able to track all employee Internet activities including keystrokes typed, emails sent and received, websites visited, programs run, etc.

Without a doubt, employee Internet usage tracking is the perfect way to eliminate employee abuse on the workplace. Take advantage of a flexible employee Internet tracking solution from and get the control you need over your local computer network.

Child Online Protection Software: Protect Your Children Online

August 27th, 2010

Do you know how to protect children online when they surf various websites and talk to online strangers? As many conscious parents today are concerned about what their children do online and whom they come in contact with, is here to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger – powerful child online protection software that gives parents the control they need to monitor children online activities and ensure their safety.

Our full-featured software to protect children online is designed to provide peace of mind for concerned parents. Basically, SoftActivity Keylogger is a computer spy software solution that invisibly tracks every computer move including websites visited, emails sent and received, passwords typed and programs run. All recorded information is stored in an encrypted log file that you may get as a detailed report to your mailbox every few hours to analyze all the activities performed on your home PC and protect your children online.

Knowing how to protect children online should be a major concern for parents as you can not only keep your child safe but also protect valuable data on your computer. Our child online protection software runs absolutely invisibly so you can protect your children online without even being detected.

Children are going online today at an early age and sometimes it may seem that they know more about the Internet than their parents. However, this fact doesn’t change the responsibility to protect our children online. If you are a conscious parent, take advantage of our advanced spy software to protect children online and you’ll know when, how and what they do in real-time.

Corporate Computer Monitoring, Corporate Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Corporate Internet Use

August 26th, 2010

Whether you are concerned about what your employees are doing online during working hours, how much time do they spend for personal use or how they are using corporate network resources, think about corporate computer monitoring with SoftActivity. We are proud to offer you Activity Monitor – our all-in-one corporate monitoring software allowing you to have total control over your local network and monitor corporate Internet use with minimum efforts from your side.

Actually, today, when providing your staff with Internet access has become a business necessity, monitoring corporate Internet use is essential for administrative purposes as well as for improving employee productivity and ensuring business data integrity. Our powerful corporate computer monitoring software is designed to monitor corporate Internet use and all employee computers within your local network in real-time from one centralized location while ensuring your complete invisibility.

Rest assured, Activity Monitor provides you with all the opportunities for corporate computer monitoring even if you are away from the office. You will have complete corporate Internet use control to monitor employee web browsing during working hours and know everything about who they talk to, what documents they open and transfer, what applications use, etc.

Our Activity Monitor coming with the comprehensive set of monitoring and reporting features has proved its excellent efficiency in increasing overall productivity of companies where it has been used to track local networks. Take advantage of our advanced corporate computer monitoring software to monitor corporate Internet use with ease and protect your company from poor productivity and information leakage.

Activity Monitor 5.5 released

August 25th, 2010
  • new: recording of Microsoft Exchange® email sent/received in Outlook
  • new: recording of secure POP3/SMTP email sent/received in Outlook (previously only non-secure was supported)
  • new: recording IMAP email in Outlook
  • new: collect of Agent logs feature now uses Windows Scheduled Tasks. This allows for unattended downloads of logs and screenshots, i.e. when Activity Monitor is not open.
  • new: Agent in Aware Mode (when you want to inform users about monitoring) displays semi-transparent warning window in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Windows 2000 is not supported anymore

Kids Internet Protection Software: Protect Your Kids on the Internet

August 25th, 2010

Do you have a computer with the Internet access at home? Most likely, you are not aware of what your children are doing online. However, there are lots of possible threats on the Internet, especially for young and naive kids, so parents should be concerned about how to protect kids online. SoftActivity is here to offer conscious parents powerful kids Internet protection software designed to provide complete control over their online activities and keep them safe while surfing the Web.

Actually, the most important thing that can be done to protect your kids on the Internet is to inform them of possible threats that exist online. But sometimes these actions are not sufficient and parents have to check kids online activity and emails in order to ensure their children have only safe Internet experience. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is a full-featured spy software solution for kids Internet protection that will run in the background recording everything they do – from Internet URLs visited and files downloaded to conversations conducted and keystrokes typed.

Our kids Internet protection software is extremely easy-to-use even for a non-technical user: just install it on your PC and you will know exactly what your kids do online. Moreover, SoftActivity Keylogger works invisibly so you can protect your kids on the Internet remotely, even if they are teenagers who might think of this as an invasion of their privacy.

Do you worry when your children are browsing the Web? Get peace of mind with advanced kids Internet protection software from SoftActivity. Our SoftActivity Keylogger comes with a hardly traceable recorder module making the whole tracking process a lot easier and allowing you to protect kids on the Internet even if you are away.

Child Computer Monitoring Program: Control Kids Computer Usage

August 24th, 2010

There are so many places on the Internet where children can be exposed to various threats. That’s why it is rather important to learn how to monitor children Internet activity to keep them safe and protected. SoftActivity will help you meet this challenge by offering a powerful, yet easy-to-use real-time child computer monitoring program that will provide you with around-the-clock control over kids computer usage even when you are away.

Actually, our SoftActivity Keylogger is a full-featured child computer monitoring program that runs invisibly in the background while your kids browse online, so they continue doing what they normally do when they are absolutely sure you can’t trace them. In such a manner, you can control your kids computer usage and Internet activities without breaking their privacy before they go into something suspicious.

SoftActivity Keylogger has the fullest toolkit and a huge variety of the most advanced features allowing you to perform total control over kids computer usage and have peace of mind ensuring their online protection. Once you install this real-time child computer monitoring program on your computer it will provide you with the information on websites visited, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, programs run, files downloaded and even capture every keystroke and password typed.

If you are interested in keeping your kids safe from various Internet threats, take advantage of our full-featured real-time child computer monitoring program SoftActivity Keylogger coming with a 15-day free trial version.

SoftActivity Keylogger 4.1 released

August 23rd, 2010
  • new: option to display a warning to monitored users in a small window in top-right corner of the screen
  • minor fixes and improvements
  • Windows 2000 is not supported anymore