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January 31st, 2012

How do you like the idea of being able to watch what your employees, students or children are doing when you’re away with ease and in real-time? In fact, for many today’s parents, school administrators and business owners spying on the computer use has become one of the most critical issues and, therefore, computer spying programs are experiencing a great demand nowadays.

SoftActivity is here to offer you spy computer software solutions for any personal and business needs. Our Activity Monitor, SoftActivity Keylogger and SoftActivity TS Monitor present the complete set of real-time and remote computer spying systems developed to work ideally in any home or office LAN as well as on Windows Terminal Server (SoftActivity TS Monitor).

Any of these computer spy programs may effectively monitor either one computer or a complex network consisting of 100’s of computers. All of them are running in an absolutely stealth, invisible mode leaving no indications in the Task Manager, traces on a hard drive and even without showing up in the Add/Remove Programs list.

In such a way, our remote computer spying programs are must-have tools if you need to keep your employees working productively, would like to know everything about your children’s online activities or try to find out how your computer is being used when you’re away.


Keystroke Spy Software, Keystroke Monitoring and Tracking Software

January 30th, 2012

Do you suspect that some of your employees misuse their computer and Internet access, spend substantial part of their working time on non-work related activities or, what’s even worse, commit fraud by passing your sensitive business information to your competitors? Do you need an effective solution to prevent your students from playing online games, chatting with friends in social networks and IMs during studying hours? Is online safety of your kids the top priority?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then it’s definitely a high time to start using computer and Internet spy software tools. Actually, we’re referring to a specific type of programs that, as their name suggests, act like a surveillance camera monitoring every single mouse click and computer move in real-time.

There is an extensive variety of keystroke monitoring applications available on the market today, but if you need something that is really efficient, reliable and fully-functional, yet quite easy-to-use and affordable at the same time, then SoftActivity solutions can be the most deliberate choice. We offer you the comprehensive range of superb keystroke spy software solutions – Activity Monitor, SoftActivity Keylogger and SoftActivity TS Monitor – developed to provide you with unmatched control over your home or office network users.

Among all options and features that our keystroke monitoring programs are widely known for, we’d like to stress on their absolutely undetectable performance. They automatically start running and doing their monitoring tasks from the moment a computer gets switched on leaving no program icons, indicators or any other visible tracks during the whole process.

In such a way, if you need to have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your home or office LAN, spy software keyloggers from SoftActivity can be an ideal choice.

Keystroke Recording Software by SoftActivity

January 27th, 2012

Do you feel the necessity to monitor what your children are doing on the Internet and how they are using their computers when you are away? Are you facing any problems with your students’ online behavior during study hours? Or perhaps, you suspect that your employees waste their work time on personal needs or sensitive corporate information leakage?

SoftActivity is ready to address any of your computer monitoring needs by offering an extensive selection of full-fledged keystroke recording software solutions – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor that will let you always have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your home or office network.

Every one of our keystroke recording programs allows to execute overall control over your computer users leaving no tracks in the Task Manager and no traces on a hard drive. Recorded reports will be stored in a highly encrypted Central Logs Database and can be sent to your email box at any necessary frequency.

Thus running in the background, our keystroke recording applications secretly record everything your users are doing, including websites visited, chat and IM communications made, emails sent and received, online shopping and games, files and programs downloaded, keystrokes and passwords typed, programs run and even duration of each particular activity.

From now on, with SoftActivity keystroke recording programs you will be able to know in all details how your children, employees or students behave online.

Computer Keystroke Recorder Software, Keystroke Recorders at

January 26th, 2012

As you probably know, keystroke recorders experience a dramatically increased demand today, especially from conscious parents, due to increased volume of possible online threats. Actually, a keystroke recorder program is a very useful and efficient tool that you can easily install on your children’s computer to monitor their everyday computer and Internet activities.

You should know that not all PC keystroke recorder applications available on the online market are of the same quality and functionality. However, there are some of them that are advanced enough and their functionality goes far beyond than simply recording a key pressed on the keyboard. And one of the best samples of such full-fledged computer keystroke recorder software solutions you can find online at!

Our SoftActivity Keylogger is a smart keystroke recorder built using the latest computer spy technologies and coming fully packed with robust tools to ensure you get absolute control over your children computer even if you’re far away from home. It automatically creates an encrypted log file where the recorded reports are stored: web URLs visited, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, programs run, games played, etc.

Moreover, it may also take screenshots based on the user activity at any predefined frequency. You can view these JPEG-format screenshots whenever you need one by one or by playing them as a slideshow. Another great thing about SoftActivity Keylogger is that it’s running in a completely stealth and invisible mode in the background allowing you to avoid hurting your children privacy with the notion that you’re monitoring them.

Start using our comprehensive computer keystroke recording software for parental control SoftActivity Keylogger today to get rid of all your worries and ensure your children’s absolute online safety.

Computer Keystroke Logger Software, Invisible Keystroke Logger from SoftActivity

January 25th, 2012

Spying on someone is not something that people typically do willingly. But there are various cases where we have to do this, for instance, to protect our children, ensure a productive employee working environment or proper computer and Internet access usage by the students during academic hours. In all these or any other related cases you will need to keep a strict check on user computer and surfing activities.

In essence, computer keystroke logger software is a specific program that records every single activity on a computer, including every keystroke and mouse click. Typically, it runs undetected monitoring all activities in a stealth mode.

Our Activity Monitor is focused mainly on business network monitoring needs. It can ideally match various businesses from small companies to large corporations that have one thing in common – the necessity to keep the whole working performance going at the optimum level. In fact, many employees tend to spend some part of their paid working hours on personal needs, like online chatting, shopping, surfing web forums, social networking, etc.

Even one hour per day spent on non-work related issues can lead to a significant profit loss for a company. More harmful and dangerous cases are online gambling and corporate information leakage. With our employee keystroke logger software you can eliminate all these substantial issues and encourage your staff in the better performance and overall more productive working environment.

SoftActivity Keylogger is designed for parental control, however it can perfectly serve business needs as well. This all-in-one spy package will provide you with an absolute control over your children by telling you what, when and how they use their computer and Internet access whenever you’re away.

Remote Desktop Monitoring Software, How to Monitor Remote Desktops and RDP sessions

January 24th, 2012

Using Windows Terminal Server, Remote Desktop services or Citrix shared desktop services, or XenApp provide business owners, employers and administrators with a remarkable opportunity to get the most advanced computer resources without spending a fortune. However, such remote sessions sometimes present particular problems for tracking, recording and logging user activity. While traditional computer/Internet monitoring systems and keystroke loggers generally prove to be inefficient or even useless in a terminal server environment, many administrators wonder how to monitor remote desktop sessions of their users secretly and in real-time.

Aside from monitoring process, they also need a range of tasks to be solved efficiently, including storing of all recorded sessions in a well-organized and centralized location, easy and immediate access to these logs as well as the complete security of the entire recorded and logged content. SoftActivity TS Monitor will help you accomplish all these crucial tasks successfully with the minimum efforts from your side.

Actually, this is a robust, full-fledged yet cost-effective remote desktop monitoring software solution designed specifically for administrators, managers, CIOs, and CSOs in need to control employees that either tele-work from home or work remotely during business trips. You will get absolute control over your corporate network and every single activity performed by your local and remote employees.

Monitoring and logging terminal server RDP sessions with SoftActivity TS Monitor includes: recording any types of web communications, Internet surfing history, capturing the duration of a stay on every website and usage of every program, file transfers, users’ login and logoff times, etc. This software also allows to capture screenshots at any predefined intervals. These reports will show you the top websites visited, top applications used as well as the total time spent by a user in their terminal sessions.

Download free trial of SoftActivity TS Monitor now!