What Is Employee Monitoring Software?

October 26th, 2020

Maybe you’re an employee that thinks your employer is monitoring you at work and you’re not sure how they can do that. Or, perhaps you are a business owner managing a small team and you’re not quite sure your employees are working as hard as they say they are. 

In either case, you’re wondering what employee monitoring software is, what it is capable of, and how it can potentially improve your workplace. 

Industry professionals agree that employee monitoring software can drastically improve your workplace productivity and help to minimize the chance of an insider threat. Employers are also allowed to exhibit some form of employee monitoring while employees are on the clock, so long as they are mindful of employees’ privacy rights. 

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Is using employee monitoring software a good idea?

October 20th, 2020

Employee monitoring software can provide employers with an inside look into employee productivity and employee intentions. Not only is this software useful for identifying potential rogue employees, but it can also highlight when a business may be vulnerable to data breaches or time theft. 

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The 11 Best Features to Look for in an Internet Monitoring Software

July 7th, 2020

Employee monitoring software is a powerful tool that businesses should use in order to minimize employee downtime and lack of productivity and to protect their company against malicious attacks and insider threats. 

Tracking employee activity and time is necessary for companies that largely operate a remote team. This way you can still keep track of network activity and device usage even when you cannot directly supervise your staff.

When considering employee monitoring software, there are several features that you need that will improve your operations and help to set your company apart from the competition.

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Integrating Employee Monitoring Software into Your Cybersecurity Model

June 29th, 2020

As a business owner, you know that employee monitoring can protect your network from malicious attacks and prevent your employees from slacking off. 

When implementing this software, you must take into consideration all other elements of your cybersecurity model. 

Each cybersecurity model will be unique to your company’s needs, but there are right ways and wrong ways to integrate employee monitoring software with your cybersecurity model.

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7 Reasons Why You Need Employee Monitoring Software for Your Remote Team

June 22nd, 2020

You rely on your employees to complete the day-to-day tasks that keep your company afloat. Unfortunately, you cannot always trust each employee to take work as seriously as you do. 

As an employer, managing the employee performance of a remote workforce is especially difficult. This is because you cannot monitor the productivity of a remote workforce in person. 

Additionally, remote workforces have other distractions that could limit their productivity. They will also typically work off of a weaker network so your sensitive data could be more vulnerable to malicious attacks.

If you have a remote workforce but you’d like to stay on top of productivity and your company’s security, then you need an employee monitoring software for remote teams. 

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How to Apply Employee Monitoring Without Compromising Workplace Culture

April 6th, 2020

Monitoring software can promote productivity and help your company track and prevent insider threats. However, there is some debate about whether or not monitoring software compromises workplace culture and employees’ rights to privacy.

National and state legislation, like the GDPR and CCPA, allows consumers to have a say in the personal information that a company might collect and whether or not it can be sold. But are there protections in place for employees?

Depending on your businesses’ legal jurisdiction, some employee monitoring or data loss prevention (DLP) tactics could be breaching state or federal laws. In the United States, for example, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) prevents the gathering of information through oral, electronic, or wire communications. Businesses in states like Connecticut and Delaware are prohibited from electronically monitoring employees without giving them sufficient notice.  

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What to Look For in Employee Monitoring Software

March 30th, 2020

Computer monitoring software is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. Not only will monitoring software watch network activity, but it will also provide useful tools for insider threat detection, productivity monitoring, and act as an additional safeguard against potential risks. 

Since monitoring software is a vital security measure, you want to be sure that you purchase an effective tracking tool with features that best suit your needs. 

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