SoftActivity Monitor 12.1 with less storage space used by screenshots

February 5th, 2020

SoftActivity is glad to announce new version 12.1 of SoftActivity Monitor, its leading employee monitoring solution that helps organizations improve staff performance and security.

Screenshots recorded by the software now take much less storage space on customer’s server. Admins can now adjust snapshot frequency depending on how much details their organization requires for record keeping.

Upgrade is recommended to all users.

What’s new in version 12.1

Desktop app:

  • new: Change screenshots capture frequency in Agent Properties – Screen tab.
    • Admin can adjust how often screenshots are recorded.
    • Reduced storage space requirement on the server, compared to the previous versions.
    • Admin can increase frequency for some users if more detailed logs are required.
  • new: shows estimated space required for screenshots, at the bottom of Screen tab.
  • improved IntelliSnap smart mode of taking screenshots based on users actions.
  • new: Copy and Paste buttons in Agent Properties on Privacy and Files tabs in the lists, for easier editing of long lists.
  • new: added Japanese localization of the software thanks to our new partner in Japan, Technoblest
  • a lot of improvements and minor fixes.

Web console:

  • new: added Keystrokes column to CSV export.
  • multiple bug fixes and improvements.
  • new: added Japanese localization (switch languages in bottom right corner)
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Computer Monitoring Software and Why You Need It

February 3rd, 2020

Malicious attacks on large and SMB business data are increasingly on the rise and will cost your company potentially millions of dollars. Not only will investing in computer monitoring software protect your company against malicious insider threats, but it can also support your company’s short-learn and long-term productivity goals. 

Not sure what computer monitoring software is? We understand. As a business owner or IT response member, it can feel kind of invasive using computer monitoring software to monitor employee operations. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that this software’s aim is to protect your company, while still respecting the privacy of your employees.

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How to Protect Your Bottom Line from Data Breaches in 2020

January 27th, 2020

Whether your company is a small, medium or large enterprise, a data breach could end up costing you customer trust, time, and a lot of money. 

IBM’s 17th Annual Cost of a Data Breach Report was released for 2020, and its discovered that in general, it is taking longer for data breaches to be contained and that malicious attacks, which were the most common, are also the most expensive cause of a data breach. 

How much could all of this cost you and how can you protect your bottom line from data breaches in 2020?

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The Top Data Security Threats of 2020

January 20th, 2020

In a survey conducted by NASCIO, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, the number one priority of CIOs for 2020 was cybersecurity and risk management. 

Cybersecurity has been a big concern for many CIOs and major corporations over the last decade, and the number of resources needed to manage cybersecurity threats continually evolves and grows as our technologies become increasingly advanced. 

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GDPR and CCPA: Are you ready for 2020?

December 12th, 2019

With new modes of analyzing productivity, legislation in Europe and now California is setting the boundaries around what can and should be monitored in the workplace. 

You may have heard of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which protects not only the personal data of your employees but so much more. And now, California has followed suit. Starting in 2020, California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will kick-off. 

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Local Area Network Monitoring Software, LAN Activity Monitoring

October 23rd, 2019

Local area network monitoring software is becoming more and more popular nowadays as with the tendency of improving productivity, business owners and managers pay more attention to their employees’ working efficiency. Activity Monitor is the most powerful, yet handy in usage LAN activity monitoring software solution from SoftActivity for companies of all sizes. It allows you to control every computer in your LAN from a central location in a secret mode.Read More