What Activity Monitoring Features Do You Need?

September 6th, 2021

You run a tight organization, and you make sure that all your team is working hard towards your company mission. However, it’s challenging to stay on top of your team at all times. You don’t know if they are truly working when they say they are. 

You also might have a large team, making it harder to a) monitor them without monitoring tools and b) watch your data to make sure it’s safe. 

With so many people coming and going within your organization, either physically or on the network, keeping track of your employees, personnel, users, and data is a challenging task. 

User activity monitoring can help you with this. Read on to learn more about user activity monitoring and the activity monitoring features you need to meet your operational goals. 

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The 10 Most Common Questions Employees Have About Computer Monitoring

August 30th, 2021

Computer monitoring is necessary to reduce time theft, improve employee productivity and protect against data breaches. However, some employees might not agree with it in practice. 

Companies that properly employ computer monitoring do so within the bounds of employee privacy laws. However, employees might not understand these processes and have questions about workplace surveillance and why you are using an employee monitoring tool. 

While you may recognize that workplace monitoring is necessary, you should be prepared to answer any questions your employees have around its uses. 

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Why Data Loss Prevention is Critical To Company Success

August 23rd, 2021

Every day, billions of companies worldwide contribute to the collection of a ridiculous amount of data. We collect so much data now. Before 2012, the zettabyte, which is one sextillion bytes or 1021 or a trillion gigabytes, did not exist. Currently, there are more than 40 zettabytes or 40 trillion gigabytes of data in the world.

Every time you load a web browser, you contribute to the collection of more and more zettabytes. In the wrong hands, most kinds of shared data can be used for malicious purposes. That is why businesses, and especially those who collect sensitive data, must go through any means possible of protecting the data they collect. 

Data loss prevention is one of the ways that a business can protect its sensitive data. Here is our overview of data loss prevention and why it is critical to company success. 

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How To Create a Productivity Plan Using Employee Monitoring Software

August 16th, 2021

Productivity makes the world go ’round. Productivity, or the state of producing something, is crucial to normal business operations. Businesses in all industries look to productivity measurements to assess how well their company is working, how efficiently it is producing, and ways to improve low productivity levels. 

As we’ve gained more workplace technologies, businesses are better supported to tap into a productivity strategy that addresses multiple levels of productivity effectiveness. 

One way in which companies can do this is by creating and utilizing a productivity plan based on company metrics. Here’s what that looks like:

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26 Phishing Attack Statistics To Keep In Mind In 2021

August 11th, 2021

Given the increase in remote work because of technology and the pandemic, cybersecurity breaches are on the rise in 2021. One of the most prevalent and dangerous types of cybersecurity threats are spear phishing attacks. 

Phishing attacks can affect anyone and infiltrate any size business and wreak havoc on a company’s network. To stay on top of these attacks, keep in mind these shocking phishing attack statistics in 2021. 

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More IT Departments Are Using Software To Monitor Remote Workers

August 9th, 2021

As more and more job seekers and businesses move to online operations for daily work, IT departments are forced to find creative ways to keep organizational computer networks secure and running smoothly. 

While businesses with remote workforces have less overhead and can tap into a larger talent pool, they face an increased risk of security breaches, data losses, and compliance issues. 

Trends suggest that job seekers will increasingly push for remote work. Therefore, businesses must be prepared with remote deployable security solutions to protect sensitive data and customer information. 

IT departments turning to remote employee monitoring software can improve remote team productivity and drastically boost security.  

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31 Insider Threat Stats You Need To Know In 2021

July 28th, 2021

Insider threats are present in companies all over the world. If you have any type of valuable information and you work with other people, then your company could fall victim to an insider threat. 

As this article will show you, insider threats can be extremely damaging. 

You may have a disgruntled employee who leaves your company and takes their credentials with them. If you fail to decommission those credentials, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to these attacks. 

In some ways insider threats are preventable. An employee monitoring software can be added as a line of defense against these devastating attacks. 

No matter what, you don’t want them to happen to your company. There are a number of ways that an insider threat can pounce, and these stats might surprise you!

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